Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things I learned that might be important, but may or may not be important to you?

Sunday we took a boat trip with some friends out to Jewell Island. I looked it up on google and it is considered a "Party Island". Best if you don't like running into people to go on a week day or off season, but it was SO nice on Sunday and it was the day we had available. And the day everyone else had available, too. See the cove behind me - full of boaters? It was full!!! Party on Wayne!!! It was still LOVELY out there. We hiked. We swam. We ate. We laughed. We awed at the views and the scenery and how fortunate we are. The dogs had a BALL.
Roscoe found a heart of stone -

Spur is cute, this we know -

So, here is what we learned that is may be of some importance.

* - Dachshund's named Buster like to swim.

* - Jewell Island is beautiful!

* - Secure everything on the boat. Damn it, that plastic baggie got away. We are just like the other red necks in the cove. Yes, this we know. :(

* - When you find a lovely stone in the shape of a heart with two eye holes be careful. Your very good friend might say you now have a heart of stone. Geez, Laura!!!! Funny! Yeah, funny! Just so you know, Laura, funny girl.

* - Roscoe doesn't swim. OK, we already knew that, but had to remind Steve. He almost plopped him in to swim ashore like he did with the other two who swam nicely and looked adorable.

OK, now I am going to tell you the things that are of very most high extreme utmost and toppest most importance!!! -

* - Even though there are SIX outhouses on this island, just remember, behind a building or any structure perhaps one that might be a tower with an awesome view is a good place to take a shit.......... if you are STUPID!!! If you failed to realize you just passed an OUTHOUSE where smart people shit!

And I tell you this because it is of importance and because you may not know and because - my adorable, best little buddy, favorite little furry, very furry pal found this stupid ass's shit and smeared it all over his beautiful fur. Which meant, well, OH LORDIE, it mean lots of very bad words from my mouth, along with many "OH MY GOD"'s from my mouth and Steve yelling from the top of the tower asking if we were having sex? Um, NOT, those noises are different, Steve, these sounds coming from my mouth as my shit smeared, furry, very furry, stinky, gross, disgusting, very furry, best furry pal, who is now proudly marching along and causing me and Rich to nearly barf, these were NOT happy words said while having sex. These were BAD words, words of despair, disgust, dis - well, whatever, you know not happy words as we marched back to the last cove and I did my best to avoid my best furry little pal from TOUCHING ME, but then I HAD to touch him and wash off some stupid ass's shit from my best furry little pal who even growled at me as I was forcing him into the surf to wash off this oh so disgusting shit! :O

I am just telling you this so you know. Be aware. Be very aware that sometimes some stupid person might shit behind the building you come across while hiking Jewell Island even though the outhouse put there for just this purpose is yards away. It might happen. Just so you know. Important knowledge if you have a best furry little pal who OH so loves to roll in this excrement.

And one more thing of importance -

* - Be sure your boat is stocked with soap so you can properly wash your best furry pal when you return to the boat after he rolls in human exrement. We did have soap. THANK GOD!

He was very very tired on our return home trip he pushed his way into the spot Colby wanted and never moved the whole way home.At least he did smell better, but when we got home another bath was had. I think MY shower was one of the nicest showers I have ever had.

It was a lovely day. There are more photos I will load later. We did have a wonderful time, even though......there was shit.


  1. Please tell me this was Spur man that covered himself in shit? Please tell me you have pictures!

  2. Charlee rolled in human excrement at Evergreen once when I hiked in to meet Max's middle school class for a doggie demo. I was flipping horrified. The kids were actually better with it than I thought. I thought they would tease him until the day he died. They did keep asking the same question. "How did I know it was humas?" Oh - you know.

  3. Hahahahaha, Kirby, I thought about getting pictures, but ewwwwwww! Yes, my other two are not furry at all, so it was definitely The Spur Man!

    Nancy, your story tops mine! At least we had the ocean to wash him off immediately as best we could.

  4. We had leaves and scummy pond water.