Thursday, April 30, 2015

WOW nearly a month????

OSince my last post????

OK, blame the weather!!! it is finally getting nice. What a winter, but we are now well into spring and while I am STILL waiting for the 50 tulips I planted to bloom the weather is great for agility and dog walks and hikes. Cool and crisp, my most favorite!!!

Been training Moose, Lizzie's one year old sheltie, for his running dog walk. what fun!!!!! I just LOVE this training and he looks like he will be totally easy!! The easiest ever!!! perfect striding for it!!!

Spur has done so much better now that we can practice in the yard and keep him fresh and on the equipment. Our last trial he looked almost back to normal!!! We have only done a couple trial s but both days he looked almost like his old self!!!! YAY!!!!

Beèn watching lots of people getting puppies. I have puppy envy! Trouble is Rotten Roscoe shows NO signs of slowing down any, even at 16!!!! The dog is amazing!!! I REALLY don't want three dogs again, but damn that little MinPin is going to live forever. In know, I should be happy about that, but the bastard is very hard to live with. He causes so much trouble and our friends and family think he's nuts, he bites us. He attacks Spur and visiting dog, he's NUTS!!!! What puppy would want to come here?????

It is hard, though, watching all here lovely litters being born and lots of needy rescues needing a home. HARD!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Snow is slowly disappearing!!!

Someone will be sad......

Emory is One of my new midday dog walks but he gets to come over to my yard and play in the safety of our fence because he lives right down the street. It has been good for spur and Roscoe to get used to a big busy dog. Emery is very nice but he's just one year old so still a bit of a puppy.

Spur thinks if he doesn't look at him, well then he really. Isn't there. Spur doesn't like him very much and Emery wants to play with him so badly. But and we have to make do with playing with me what she does quite nicely.

I just had to post this journal here…

I know people save my midday dog walk notes but this is the first time a custom-made journal was set out for me and my notes. It makes me happy.

I sometimes struggle with what to say in my daily notes and often it is all about the weather. But, the weather is really a big part of my day so it ends up being a lot of my comments in my notes. But apparently people still like just about anything I put down so long as their dog is mentioned. I'm always surprised that people think my notes are so fun to read and that some people even save them. I feel like I am redundant with the notes but I guess there is enough interest that people really enjoy them! And then this past winter, well, I felt like all I did was complain and complain and complain about the weather. And I guess that's just normal but sometimes I feel like all I do is complain. Even on a nice sunny day like today I complained because it was too cold. Just wait until June and July and I will be bitching about the heat!! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Some new training!

Well, it happened! My yard is clear enough to put out my dogwalk and a few jumps!! YAY!!! So, of course we had to TRAIN it!!! Lizzie came over with Moose and we put it about half height and he did AWESOME!!! That video isn't loaded to youtube, yet, but I was shocked how well he did. Lizzie is all excited, so now I get to train Moose's RDW!!!! COOL!!!! He should be easy, he's wicked smart, fast and driven. And about the same size as Spur.

I ran Spur on the lowered DW and he was missing and leaping and it was a bit of a mess. He takes out a stride when it's lower and maybe he didn't want to hit the edge? I don't know, but I brought out Jones' magic carpet and, well, that fixed it!!!

We are pretty pumped to be able to play SOME in the yard. The snow has been ANNOYING! Tried to go hiking this morning and managed, but it was really uneven, icy, slushy, yucky. I have thoroughly enjoyed the snow this winter, but I am DONE. I want green grass and dry ground. Now! Hah, mud season has only just begun. :O

We still have the ski condo going, but this weekend was too windy and unpleasant. Honestly, it hasn't been the greatest ski year. I don't like it brutally cold, my fingers and toes have circulation issues. So, I just won't go sit on a chair lift in brutal cold and wind. It just isn't worth it.

Tomorrow I am signed up for a trial. Not sure if Spur is ready, or not. I am tempted to go and run him the first two classes, but I just don't know. Should he continue his break for another two weeks? I think he wants to do it, I just don't know if he is over his little mental breakdown. I set up some spreads in the yard and he jumped very well. But, outside is different. The rubber flooring is what bothers him. Unfortunately, that's where many of our trials are. Many of my friends are in RI this weekend and I have to admit to being envious. It is field turf there. Spur loves it. I just didn't think I should spend the money if he isn't totally over his worries. It is an expensive trial, lots of runs, a hotel room cost, etc. But, here I sit wishing I was there. Sigh...........

April is just not the prettiest or nicest month. It's dirty, cold, damp and often dreary. Today a lot of snow melted, but a lot of frost came out of the ground and that simply means sinking in even more in the soft, muddy ground. Maybe it will dry out quickly.

I am looking forward to the 50 tulip bulbs I planted last fall! They are not coming up, yet, but I don't see why they wouldn't. They had plenty of snow cover to keep them safe and "warm". It has been years since I planted new tulips, so I am hopeful these will come nicely. I need some bright color right about now!