Sunday, August 1, 2010

More camp photos!

The sunfish we brought up in the truck for our friends. Our "payment" for use of the camp.. I can't believe we did that, it needed like a "million" straps.

These photos don't show so clearly what great photos they really are of little Spur. I may have them blow up. You might be able to click on them and enlarge them. They really came out nicely! LOVE the setting!

This was the rock shore we found at the end of our hike. The dogs could swim right out onto the rock. It was cool that day, so we didn't swim and the algae on the rocks might have made it a little dangerous.

Here you can barely tell, but Spur is standing in the water! It was really cool! Roscoe is thinking once about it. One thought - "Nah". Roscoe does not swim. Spur, he swims! Loves it and goes after stick and toys.

Colby likes to swim, too, but her thing is mostly hunting the shore line. I think she could do that for eternity!Back at camp -

Roscoe watching Rich sail away - He wanted to go, Captain Roscoe!Our path along the road on our hike brought us down the remote dirt road. This is a camp road, not much on it but woods and a few camps. We were a little surprised to come across such a fancy camp entrance and fence, with annual flowers and tiki torches and other garden decorations. This is what it led to!!! :O We saw the guy out tending his camp with his huge tractor. No doubt these people live here regularly! OH MY!!! FREAKIN' CUTE - "The Pink Lady". FREAKIN' OUT OF PLACE!!!Castles and pink houses. A few surprises on Sebec Lake.
Rest after our long hike. Roscoe needed a lap to stay warm.
Colby needed her coat. She was still damp from her swim. Spur - he's good to go!If you thought that was the end of camp photos, think again. I am pretty sure I have a few more I haven't had a chance to load. It was SUCH a nice weekend.
This weekend was all about Evelyn. Attended a lovely grave side service yesterday. Several people spoke. How DID they do it??? Her two doberman girls were in attendance. It was a really nice, beautiful cemetery. The reception at the house after was also very nice. The food was amazing. The dog community rallies and comes together in a big way. And that even with a big dog show going on that many people went to anyway. Evelyn would want it that way. She would! She would never want anyone to miss a dog event for her funeral. I would have gone, if I had been signed up. Nothing stopped Evelyn from doing dog-stuff and she didn't want anyone else to stop because of her.
I wore a blue straw hat. I felt remarkably out of place, me being such a fashionista and so concerned about what people think of my appearance. I mean, people, this was an OUTDOOR service!! It was a SUNNY day. Time to wear a hat, muffin heads!!! I was the only one. My nice straw hat with the black ribbon had developed a big hole in it. :( My next best one was blue. I know, seemed a little cheery, but I need a HAT! I get enough sun on my face, so I wore a hat. I thought at least a few other people would be wearing hats. Like, a black straw hat, or something. Nope, I was the ONLY one and it was light blue. But, as I was feeling a little self-conscious I look in front of me at a guy in sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt and I felt better. Honestly, Evelyn was not one for putting on airs, so I am sure a cheery, light blue hat was A-OK with her. Better than skin cancer on my freckled face, damn it!!

Evelyn Stackpole - my friend and mentor. You will be sadly missed by so many. The dog community will have big shoes to fill in so many ways. Who will do all those trophies and prizes? Who will do the Novice Run-throughs at SOC. Who will chair all those committees and club officer seats and memberships? Who will bake all those goods? Who will host all those tracking events and practices and gatherings? Her property was perfect for such things. Who will listen to us when we have complaints and offer sage advice? She leaves a very empty place in the world that will be very hard to fill.

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