Friday, February 28, 2014

Is he happy?

He looks maybe not so? she sometimes stands over him, then nearly lies down ON him. THAT he can't handle, but this morning, she tucked in just close enough. He does like her and she does like him. I am glad. I am glad when my dogs are friends. Roscoe has few friends. Rich said the other morning..... I DO love him, I just don't like him. 

Yeah, sometimes I REALLY don't like him, like when he lashes out at Colby for walking too close. She can't see!!!!!! Spur never lashes out at him. 

We are back in the ice age again here. It is getting a little depressing. Took the dogs to the park, but it was COLD! At least the Pin Heads got to get out and do something DIFFERENT. I struggle getting through the day in the cold. Everything takes longer and it just wears me out. I am SO sick of it!!!! I haven't even found time to train tricks. Hard to believe!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There are some positives!!!!

To the endless winter. Rich and I walked this morning and we were dry and could walk on top of the snow mobile path without ice cleats!!! Did you read that??? NO ice cleats!! In fact, I have managed all week.......all two days, so far.......without putting my ice cleats or snow shoes on!!!! THAT is a positive!!!!! And it isn't muddy. I am celebrating today, what it is not. NO mud!!! See???? I found some positives!!!!
And this afternoon I got some excellent exercise digging out MORE wood for the woodstove. Yes, I dug through the snow, piled it onto a little sled and dragged it to the basement. Getting seriously desperate here, but........that is a positive!!!!! I got a nice work out and some more wood. It has to melt from the ice on it, even though it was covered with a tarp. :/ It is a positive.......we have more wood!!! 

Wishing I was back here.........

Friday, February 21, 2014

We are not olympians!

Spur is pretty enough, but he is probably the only one. Anyone else notice that??? They are ALL drop dead gorgeous!!! Is that a pre-requisite? You must be stunning to be an olympian? I just can't get enough of the skiing. But, then I fall asleep. Slept through Ted Ligety's run. Damn it! Last night was all ice dancers. BOOOOOOOOOOORinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg. The music would start and I would yawn. What IS it with that music???? It seems like I remember some more upbeat music???? Or am I thinking other types of figure skating???? Watched curling this morning. At least it didn't have that music!!!!

We are pretty bored. When bored we do tricks. Here are some we are working on.....

Spur limping, session two -

Roscoe putting away toys. (I hope this works, the embed code looks different???)

Some others.....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter, winter and more winter!!!

We just keep getting more fucking snow!!!! OK, so sometimes it is fun, but mostly it is a pain and It making me tired!!! I am worn out!!! Trying to shovel enough to keep exposed grass for Colby. she just can't see well on the snow. but, Spur seems to enjoy it!!! He was playing with snow balls today!!!

And a bright spot this morning were our blue birds!!!!! So pretty!!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

She came right in and peed on the rug!!!!

The snow last night came down so hard it was nearly a white out. I decided at 10:00 to do some major shoveling so Colby would have some grass to pee on in the morning. Rich was pretty impressed when he let her out this morning, and she peed. I got up about two hours later (he is an early riser!!!) and fed her and then out to poop. Well, the ground is now coated with ice and she does NOT like that, so she just stood there. OK, in we go. Next thing I know she pees on the rug!!!!!! OI!!!!! Old dogs are sure a challenge!!!
We bought the rug because it is 100% nylon and easy to clean up these accidents, but STILL!!!! I have trouble getting mad at her, she is blind and going deaf and that has to SUCK!!!! I asked Rich if he SAW her pee. Um, we'll, he said he saw her start to squat and then went to fill his coffee. Hah!!! Yep, she doesn't just get it done any more, you have to stay with her and coax her and remind her, even in snow and on ice, must pee, girlie!!!!!

OK, enough complaining about this winter. (Do you REALLY believe that???)

On to a happier note, I found is awesome hot plate at the garden store the other day!! SO easy to make!!! Rocks glued to a piece of felt!!!! I am going to start collecting rocks for gifts to make!!!! SO cool!!!

OK, so let say SOMETHING nice about the weather.......pretty, right???? hmmmmm....

My beautiful agility yard!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More snow. What else?

The theme for this winter. More snow. I am REALLY not happy, but it does mean we train tricks. Today's session was bow with Roscoe and independent handstand with Spur. Roscoe has never been taught bow. Silly little guy offers drumming in a down and frog first. Hahahaha!! Since he is nearly deaf I am going to use a pointed finger down to cue bow. This was our first session, looks like it should be really easy.
Spur's handstand is at a stand still. No pun intended. We are not getting much independence, so I decided to try against the wall. He has always done it with the big chair or pillow held. He was unsure at first, so this was probably a good exercise. He improved quickly. You can't see it, but he stretches his feet really high a couple times. Super cute!!!

Another view of Jones winning run at Westminster. This one shows his DW really well. I think he did a 2, 2, 3 pattern, which is better. At home he does a 2, 2, 2 and at trials sometimes a 2, 3, 3. Still not totally sure at trials, but this run Dee runs really hard and trusts him, so I think he did well. How nice, she can just run and trust him!! SO proud! And WAY more fun than asking him to stop!

One of my all time favorite snow photos of Spur!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Geez, this winter is brutal!!!!

the snow storms just keep coming!!!! Spur doesn't really mind, except when his paws get cold, which they have some lately. 
He gets pretty excited when the horses race Round!!!

Sweet Jewel getting frisky!!!

So, over the weekend Jones competed at Westminster in agility in NYC. I need to get video, but here is a photo of him after his win!! He WON his class!!!! And beat the sheltie we have been trying to get hm to beat with his running dog walk!! YAY Jones!!!! he looks less than thrilled!

The snow, annoying!!!!

We did manage a nice hike in the woods with Irene and her person. she is such a pretty girl!!! a bit much for Spur, but he is getting used to her. She is young and strong and vibrant!!! Noce girl!!!

I hear another storm coming. waaaaaaaaa..............

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

we went to the beach!

I haven't been to OOB in a while. Mostly because Colby can not do that long a walk these days, so I hate to leave her put. We have been making a point to take her to the park where the paths/roads are plowed and good for her. And less likely to run into other dogs, which she doesn't mind, except when they bound up to her full speed, which does happen at the beach. the park area we go is an on leash area, so we rarely run into off leash dogs. I let Spur off and he chases the squirrels!!!! but, last Sunday I just HAD to get in a nice, long beach walk. Met up with some friends, other early risers. The low tide was early on the morning. We had a BLAST!!!!

shona's two Aussies know Spur well and they all get along. We met up with some other folks, all dogs Spur knows, but they had to leave early and Shona and I went to the pier and back. About a five mile total walk. Wicked fun!!! The dogs can REALLY run at the beach. So nice and flat, they don't have to worry about footing, it is awesome!!!!

We ran into lots of others, but one stood out. A chick with a springer in a jacket. She looks at our three and says......"Are they a family." And I say...."Yep, Mom, Dad and the baby"...... And I said it with a straight face and quickly before Shona could answer. the chick says...."The baby has not grown much".......and I say..... "Nope, still a baby".......and we carry on our way with me and Shona bursting into giggles!!!! 

Her dogs are both boys. Nevis and Rankin. we have gotten this before, I just never could pull it off without losing it.
they do look like a nice family!!!

Later that day....Spur's hair seemed to fluff from the salt air!!!!!

No beach walks today. We are back to a blizzard. Just when the birds were singing and enjoying snow free coverage, BAM! Back to deep winter reality! Sucks, Colby had just enjoyed wandering the yard with no snow. 

Sorry, little chickadee, but winter has taken hold again. Damn it!!!