Friday, August 6, 2010

It is SO dry! There is this gun!!

It is powered by the tractor sucking water out of the farm pond.
And it waters the corn! YUM!

I know I took a photo of the pond water, which right now is slimy and gross looking, but I can't find that photo. Just so you know, even if it is 90 degrees, DO NOT let that water spray you!! ICK!!! It stinks!! But, it waters the corn, which is looking LOVELY right now!

See the grass? It is DRY! Colby is waiting for the big, grey grasshoppers to emerge. We have seen a few, but I don't think she has caught one, yet.
I worry a little about the blackberries. They are JUST getting going and are SO yummy! I see some out and about on my walks that are drying up. :O These are in my back pasture and they still look good. We got a TINY bit of rain yesterday, so maybe they will keep going. There are a TON and they are SO good! I see them everywhere on my walks around town. It seems to be a blackberry year!!!

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