Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to hot and dry. Ugh........

The tractor sucks the water from the slimy pond -That is not pretty little water lilies, that is icky algae slime! But, there IS water to be had and that's a good thing for the corn!! You don't want to walk by the corn field when it's being watered. ICK! It even smells. BUT - it makes the corn plump and sweet!!! YUM!!!!
I wish I could find a way to water the blackberries!

I picked about a quart the other day, but I am afraid without much rain they may whither on the vine. :O I'm going picking again today after I do some fence work. On vacation this week and today is fence repair day. Tomorrow is garden repair day. Thursday is lesson with Lo day. The weekend is family reunion. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get enough blackberries to make a blackberry pie? Trouble is we keep eating them!!! **Had six orders for a ball launcher after posting it to facebook! :D Hahahahahaha, Nils needs to streamline his manufacturing and get going!! I told him all my friends would want one!!!

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