Monday, August 16, 2010

The Dogapult!

Do you remember the video I posted of the ball launcher some guy in Europe made for teaching running contacts? An electronic hit it pad that covers the contact zone when hit launches a ball. I sent it to my FIL, a retired engineer. Well, he made me one that can hook up to my hit-it board!!!

NO KIDDING!! It arrived last night. This morning I started our training. With paw wringing Spur I know I am going to have to go slow and break things down. It's a little loud, when the arm hits to launch the ball, so I am starting with easy launches and launching treats. You know, the ole "conditioned emotional response" work!!

Heehee, looks pretty comfortable with it!! Videos to follow, but for now we are pretty excited, unsure how it will pan out for us, but regardless it is FREAKIN' COOL!!
He told me he could now right a book......"The Retired Guy's Guide to CT Junk Yards". He searched far and wide to find the right system to release the launch arm. Finally settled on an electronic trunk latch and had to go find one he could take from an old trunk. It is battery operated and when hooked up to the hit-it board wiring system, the ball will launch!!!
**Update -
Spur really isn't that worried about the thing, so here is our first attempt!! Still going to have to figure out exactly how to train this on the dog walk, but for now he is kind of figuring it out!!! :D

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