Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teeter parties have begun!

Training wee Spur for agility has been challenging. His first five months in a kennel (shelter) shows, and he worries about things. Was this nature or nurture? I am convinced it is both. Had he been raised in a perfect home, exposed to all sorts of sounds and things like a good breeder would do, I think he still would have some worries because it is just his nature. So, I have to work a little extra hard to get him over these worries. Doing teeter games and making the scary teeter a fun thing is essential. It doesn't help that during some of his baby games he managed to get his tail under it and crunched pretty hard to scare him badly about the teeter. And that I was involved has not helped us any. He associates ME with that tail crunch.
So..........I have a plan and now that the weather is good I can implement that plan. Spur LOVES his friends!!! He has never met a stranger and adores everyone he meets. He is so darn cute that everyone adores him right back. That is something I can use to my advantage. I am going to have "Teeter Parties" at our friend's yards. I have recruited them to help me, so that they, too are involved with the scary teeter. That takes some pressure off our relationship, helps make the teeter a fun event...........lots of yummy cookies given by awesome friends can help change his emotions about the teeter. Today was our first party. Off to Steve and Laura's where they helped us have an awesome Teeter Party!!! Spur was pretty excited!!! They could see his worry, but he tried like heck and I do think he had a fun time!!
Special Teeter Parties are going to be on our schedule now at least once/week!! I want to change his emotions about the teeter and hopefully this will really help. I want to see that look he has in this photo when he thinks about the teeter!!!! Poised and ready to go with a big smile on his face!!! We can do it!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Westford AKC trial today

We only entered today of this trial. I need tomorrow to garden and get "house" stuff done. Roscoe went 0-2, darn it! Both mistakes were my simple mis-q's. He looked happy and ready, though, which is nice for outdoor attitude! Colby double-q'd and I think won her jumpers class. That's a pile of MACH points! So, now she only needs five more double-q's!! Yahoooooo!!!
**For you non-agility folks a MACH stands for Master Agility Champion. It's a pretty big deal in AKC agility. In order to get a MACH your dog must double qualify (double-q) 20 times, meaning run clean in both classes on the same day. That's pretty hard, unless your dog is consistent and flawless. And they need to get 750 "speed points". Speed points are for time under course time. Each course has a standard time allowed. You do must do the course in that time or less in order to qualify. When your dog does it under that time, each second under time is one speed point. You accumulate those each time your dog runs under course time. If you place first your dog gets DOUBLE speed points!!! Colby actually has all her 750 speed points needed. She just needs those double-q's. Five more for her MACH!!! Right now she seems to be running especially well, so that is probably something we can do before the year is up!! Wahooooooo!!! It's also quite fun when you do it because at the end of your last double-q run, everyone cheers and claps and carries on while you grab a jump bar and do a victory lap around the ring!!! I do look forward to that!!!! Colby has come a long way. She was so inconsistent for years, then suddenly it just all came together. Then she had to have knee surgery which set us back for at least six months. But, now she is back to her ole self, running really well and we are a team. That coveted MACH is in sight!!!

It was such a nice trial. Lots of shade, cool weather, done early. Perfect!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey, look who needs a home!!!!

HENRI: : Hey! I'm Henri!!! I got lost and these nice people took me home and tried to find my owners. No one ever claimed me, so they are trying to find me just the perfect home!!
I am young and active and a great little guy, if I do say so myself! I LOVE my food and can get a little pushy about it at times, so I can not go to a home with any children. I love my doggie friends and everyone I meet. I am not shy or nervous around them! I do need a little help with housetraining at times, but I think I am just confused with all the changes in my life right now. With consistency and a settled home I should do great, but please have patience with me! I am the sweetest boy and will learn quickly if you give me the time.
Did I mention how cute I am? I am one of the lucky ones who didn't have to have my tail or ears chopped off!! I LOVE wagging my tail and am very proud of it!!! I sure hope you contact the folks about me and fill out the application. I won't disappoint you! I was just neutered on Friday 22nd (and that was not a fun thing to do, let me tell you!! ) so I'm all yours when you are ready!!
Henri is a young black and rust male. He has Natural tail and Natural ears. Henri stands approx. 12” high and weighs 10 lbs.

If you might consider adopting Henri, please go to the website to fill out the application. He is located in Boston and sounds like a wonderful boy!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Toy Dog trial report

Colby won both her Advanced Rally obedience classes with 98's! (You are scored out of a possible 100 points) She was comfortable and working well, except it was very hard RUNNING from the agility straight into her rally class and I had to work hard to keep her focused. Roscoe had more trouble doing that and was kind of nutty for a 93 on his last Novice leg. Today in his first Advanced Rally class he got third with a 97. Again, we had to RUN from doing agility into the obedience ring and he was a LITTLE HIGH!!! Judge's words were....."Kind of frantic"...I think all three points off came from how FAR he landed over the jump, even though he came right back to heel, he really SOARED over the jump and went WAY wide nearly taking out the first cone on our next station - serpentine. LOL!!
They also did very well in agility. Colby double-Q'd with first and second places both days. Roscoe only Q in standard, but won that today for 32 MACH speed points!!!
It was a strange trial. Toy-dogs-only makes for a funny trial. I think my dogs thought it a little boring. It was funny, though, watching the tiny pomeranian barely make course time, but manage to climb it's tiny little puff ball of a body up the A-Frame and do the teeter, but having to wait for it to come down because the tiny little puff ball probably only weighed about 3lbs. That tiny little puff ball got a 98 in the Advanced Rally class, same as Colby, but that is also judged on time, so Colby was nearly 1 minute faster!! I think Colby did her Rally course in 1.05 minutes and the tiny puff ball did it in 2.25 minutes. It sure did a nice job, though!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sleeps with dogs

I just bought that sticker to add to my scooter.
I love finding new stickers and that one is so true. I have to find a spot on my scooter for it, which is becoming harder and harder to do.
Actually, with my three right now only one sleeps with us. Colby........sweet, innocent, queen bee, rules the roost, only bitch, must be tucked into her snuggle sack..........Colby. However, in the morning Spur comes up and we play morning bed games. Trouble is Miss Colby Carlson anticipates this morning event, and if I so much as roll over at 5:30 in the morning she is doing an Irish Gig on my head!! Spur quickly joins her. Sometimes I can manage a very slow roll over, where she might lift her head to notice, but goes back to sleep. This morning I wanted to sleep late..........7:00 would have been nice..........I was exhausted from two days of nearly 90 degrees. That's hot for this time of year and our first hot days. I simply melt..........I don't get hot flashes, yet, but I find heat to be intolerable and I melt into a glob of molten jello, barely able to manage simple tasks. We once lived in Roseville CA where everyone said the heat wasn't so bad because it was "dry" heat. Um, 108 is fucking hot no matter how "dry" it is!!! I get used to it as the summer warms up, but those first couple of days just about do me in. I wanted to see 7:00 this morning before leaving the bed!! But, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, the morning bed games had to start at 6:00 and there was simply nothing I could do about it. I made the mistake of a full body roll over and squinted my eye open to see Colby's wet nose about an inch from mine, eyes bright, mouth up turned into a happy dog smile, welcoming the morning. Then Spur manages to launch himself straight from the floor onto my belly!! Pfffttttt!! One more hour was simply too much to ask. The Irish Gig had started and was in full regalia and there was nothing stopping them.
There are good dogs and then there are MY dogs.
However, I realise I am not alone. I stumbled upon this blog today - Teehee!!! There are good dogs, and then there are MY dogs and HER dogs!!! LOL!!!

Sylvia Trkman, my all time favorite agility instructor!!

This is from one of her puppy classes!! I just LOVE this chick! Too bad she lives in Slovenia. She came to the US in 08 and Roscoe and Spur did a seminar with her, but it was just one weekend. Not enough time!! I love how she incorporates formal obedience with fun tricks and agility work. Awesome!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Jewel is looking a little sore. Could be a bruise, I found a big stone in her foot, but even this morning she is still standing the same way. Makes me worry. I started muzzling her when on the grass now. Just getting paranoid and that sinking feeling again. I don't know that I can stand another summer with laminitis!

Spur threw up this morning. He seems fine, but I picked the egg out of his breakfast, so it is back to just boiled turkey and rice.

Colby picked at her food. That is NOT like her.

What is going on????? I want everyone happy and healthy! Forever............

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Agility, agility, agility

My life seems to revolve around that lately! I LOVE this time of year for trialing, it is usually cool enough for the dogs and they love being outdoors. Especially Colby! She runs so much better outside! Spur is coming along, but he still has some major shut-down moments. It's so mental with him, just like Roscoe and I just hope I can get it straightened out at some point. At times he is FANTASTIC and runs like the wind, at other times I feel like I am begging him to do it. Sucks, really. He has so much potential, but it sure is a struggle at times. And I am never sure the right thing to do.

Horse vet was here Tuesday. Did a recheck lyme titer on sweet Jewel. She has been doing great and I have been riding when the weather is good. Might be TOO HOT to ride today!! :O I SO melt in the heat. We will hear the results of the lyme titer in a week or two.

I am really struggling to jog every morning during the week. I seem stuck at .4 miles and have only noticed mild improvement. It is easier to breath, but it sure seems like a struggle to do that short distance. Yesterday I added about .1 miles. I hope it gets better soon. My legs feel it, but not terribly. I was still gasping a fair amount last night during agility class, but I do think it is better.

The asparagus is ripe and we have been picking it every other day. YUM!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Great weekend!!

First, little Spur is doing much better. His bloodwork was back to normal on Saturday morning and he was started on food, tiny amounts every two hours. He just keeps getting better and better!! Phew!

Our USDAA trial was great fun!! Hampton Falls is always a favorite trial site. Lots of shade, places to walk the dogs, a pond, only just over an hour to get there. I missed our snooker run Saturday because of taking Spur for his blood check. Then left him home with Rich to rest for the day. We arrived JUST in time to run Roscoe's standard run. He was SO down and pokie, I took him off. I was bummed. The old......"stressed out, bummed out, slow pokie boy" was back. It seems to be an outdoor thing, but last year we thought we had it fixed. So, I gave him some Xanax. The rest of the day my old boy was back!!! He was ON FIRE, but a little TOO high and we made some mistakes. Colby was SO happy to be back outside and loved the cool weather and ran great for her first Masters run in USDAA! She blew her dog walk contact in her Grand Prix, but ran clean in her pairs (although her partner didn't!).

Sunday I went ahead and gave Roscoe a small dose of Xanax. He SMOKED every run!! Won his gamblers for leg number TWO.......wahoooooooooooooo.......we seem to have lost our curse in gamblers, he just did it like a pro!! He won his jumpers for his Masters Jumpers title!! He ran a LOVELY standard, but was a little too high and missed his down contact on the dog walk. Goodness, I think we have those fixed and everything falls apart at trials. I just HAVE to manage them better.

Spur came with us and was SO excited! Fed him his chicken and rice every two hours and brought a rice cake to give at treats when walking him around the grounds. Spur's "crazy monkey pants" were back on!!! Yeah!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Spurminator is sick!

Poor little Spur got into something, probably on a farm walk. He was also taking doxycycline for anaplasmosis and that may have helped trigger some G/I symptoms. He vomited for 24 hours and is now at the vet's getting I/V fluids for pancreatitis. He is one sick little puppy!! Poor little buggar is NOT happy. I dropped him off at 11:00 and went in at 2:00 to check on him. Shelby had just tried to take him out to pee, but he would not go for her. He peed "gallons" for me. So, I will go back in around 4:00 for another potty break. Then take him home on fluids tonight, unplugging them while we sleep, then back to the clinic for a day of fluids tomorrow. Poor little monkey! He is usually such a hyper little guy, it's sucks to see him so down.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How high can he jump?

Well, looks like about 24"!! :O

OH MY!!! You have to click on the link to see for yourself........................

I may just have to order that print for his resume'.

Long, hard weekend

Saturday was gardening day, which we did, but I also had to put my sweetest little barn kitty down. She was already in congestive heart failure and was getting lasix twice/day, but her heart just gave out. It was very sad, she was only seven and the sweetest little girl! Little Miss Meatie Pie was buried out by Gabe, the old paint. She always loved the horses, so that seemed like a good spot for her. She had a good life here. After being trapped by the Friend's of Feral Felines and coming here, learning to trust people she did remarkably well and ended up being quite friendly. She was a wonderful hunter and a great little barn buddy.
Sunday Roscoe did a USDAA trial and went 1 for 3. We were tired, I guess. Although he did his part in pairs, but his partner was too slow. He didn't get his gamble, but did half of it and even the first half was very hard, so I was quite proud of him. He was a bit slow in jumpers, but did qualify, so that was nice. It was nice for him to be the only dog. He enjoys that on occasion.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our first outdoor agility class for 2009!!

Last night was our first outdoor agility class at Tree Frog Farm in Yarmouth. All I can say is they MUST have gotten a LOT more rain than we did. I was very glad I have a supply of gear in my truck and had my mud boots with me. I quickly changed. I heard from Stella's Mom that her toes were all wrinkly from being soggy all evening in her sneakers. Ugh. The soft, slushy muck made it tough going. The dogs did fine, but it was a work out for us humans. I am feeling it today. Also, I was gasping for air every time I ran the dogs. I am very unimpressed with myself about my lack of aerobic ability. So, this morning I decided to start jogging. :O I did nearly a half a mile and barely made it, but I am very proud of myself that I made it!!! It is a start and I plan to keep it up. It only took me about five minutes and my plan is to only do a mile regularly, which hopefully will only take me about ten minutes. I can't add anything that takes up too much time right now, I just don't have the time. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What to do on a rainy day?

With crazy, hyperactive little dogs? If I am lucky enough to find some beef neck bones at Hannaford I give them those to work on for an hour or so. They LOVE them and will gnaw the meat and grizzle off them for a good long time. It's a good jaw work-out for them and helps clean their teeth! I take them away after about an hour because once the meat and grizzle is gone the bones are too hard and can chip their teeth. Roscoe gets the most excited and will leap and leap at the counter, waiting to get his. In this video it is Spur making the squeaky noises!! Colby, being the perfect lady she is, waits patiently and quietly.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring time!

Means heartworm tests and Colby's recheck lymes test, daffodils and tulips! We are off to the Vet's today for blood draws! Always fun with Roscoe since he hates to be touched. I always hold or do the blood draw myself while one of my tech friends holds him. I insist on being part of it so he doesn't bite anyone or get too aggressive.

You can see that the bulbs are the only thing "blooming". The leafs on the trees still need to open up! I won't be planting my vegetable garden until this weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Off for our respite weekend!

Every year Rich and I head off without .........gasp..........the dogs. I hate leaving them, but it sure makes things easier. We either head to Boston and see a show and do some shopping or go to North Conway and do some hiking and TONS of shopping. This time we got a room at an Inn offering massages for two. YEAH!!! I can't wait!!! Rich, believe it or not, LOVES to shop and No. Conway offers great shopping. Me, on the other hand, HATE to shop and find it tedious at best. But, with no obligations and in the outlet stores there I manage to handle it OK. Plus, this year I will be visiting Dover Saddlery. They are now in No. Conway!! Nothing like a Tack shop to make me feel comfortable shopping!! Last time we were there I got some incredible deals on some really nice shirts and shorts at J Jill. I could never afford their clothes normally, but the outlet store is AWESOME!!

I can't bear to be away from the doggies, but they will have Stella's Mom and the shihtzu's to keep them company.