Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun, can cost SO much!!

September will be here soon. Which means my hiatus from agility trials is over and we will be back at it!! YAY!! Can you all stand my excitement? Can you handle the thrill of hearing about our wicked awesome "wraps" and "back crosses" and "front crosses" and start line "sling shots" and running like the wind with my hair flowing behind me!!! And how WICKED awesome Spur is. He is....wicked awesome!

Rich told me he thinks I have a favorite. HUH? ME??? Never!! I don't know. They are all different and I love them all with everything I can muster, my dogs = I love them, but Spur does make my heart turn to mush. He is very special.

Running like the wind with my hair flowing behind me and my dog happy and fast and barking and awesome, wrapping jumps and zooming through the yellow contacts. Yep, that will be us, next weekend!!

Or is that just the image in my head through my rose colored glasses?

Well, I can hope that is the image seen. And not me stumbling along forgetting the course, flailing my arms, repeating words that make no sense to my dog, tripping on a root, forgetting to tell my dog which obstacle. That image won't happen, nope, no way, ut uh, ain't gonna happen!!

We are going to RUN LIKE THE WIND and Spur is going to HIT EVERY YELLOW contact zone!! And wrap jumps like he is a boomarang, zooming out of them with zippy speed and accuracy! He is going to BARK LOUD and RUN FAST!!

Did I tell you I bought that t-shirt? I did! WICKED cool shirt! First night - I dripped chocolate from my ice cream sandwich right on my chest. Right in the middle above the words, so it is totally apparent and glaring, dark spot on the lovely butter yellow. I tried "Shout" on it. The spot dimmed. Hmmm, I am not a laundry expert so it may always have that little dim mark right there glaring at everyone. I have a spot marker I can try. It's old, I haven't used it in years. I don't usually worry much about spots. I just designate spotted, stained clothing as "dog clothes". Who will notice, anyway? Surely not my dog agility friends. They all have those dim spots on their t-shirts, too! That is if you can find those marks under the dog hair. Lots of people wear rose colored glasses in dog agility.

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