Wednesday, August 25, 2010

They entertained us all weekend!

Spur really likes Joe. These were times I was glad I didn't bring Spur.
I think it would have been a case of "three's a crowd" and Spur would have been upset by this display. (Spur can be a real asshole some times. Sweet as pie, but not always the most social with other dogs. I seem to end up with dogs like that. At least he is sweet and social to people!)

Joe and Shilo. Not upset!
This performance was adorable and entertaining!! You can't see it, but they basically were in a circle of our chairs, the "fighting dogs" in the middle. We cheered them on! We placed bets. Shilo was a winning favorite, but Joe held his own, especially when the humping started, bets were on Joe - but the humping was stopped by the "refs". He finally got the zoomies, shot off like a crazy dude, Shilo soon after. She snapped her collar right off!! :O We had to find a spare collar for her. She was "Stony" for the rest of the weekend.
Being a pit bull has it's disadvantages. You simply can not let your guard down, so she was tied except for on her walks. Mom has cats. Shilo's life is different than another dog's, but she sure has a nice life. She is adored by my nephew, well monitored and not allowed to get into trouble. He knows the rules and he sticks to it with her. It's part of the deal. I made sure he understood that she is held to a higher standard than any other being on earth. One false move and she could be in a lot of trouble. He understands. She's a good dog.

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