Friday, August 27, 2010

Still haven't decided!

As I dug out my soggy business cards from my fanny pack yesterday I realized I really DO need to order some more. I put off this sort of thing and instead waste hours doing nothing, like reading through posts on Facebook - time suck - or watching youtube videos. I watched some fun ones, though, like a comparison between a Western Pleasure Horse and a Dressage horse. THAT was cool!! Except that the Dressage horse kept wringing it's tail. I don't understand that. Why can't they figure out how to quiet those wringing, spinning (complaining!) tails?
Yes, I didn't make sure to take my cards out of my fanny pack as I walked in the DELUGE yesterday!! Mostly golden retrievers, who really couldn't care that it was raining 3 inches/minute or so it seemed. Almost ruined the garage door opener in my pack, too, but a few minutes in the bright sun to dry and it worked again. The cards were in a zip lock baggie, but somehow the "zip" had "unzipped". They are not ruined, but they look bad. I need more, new.

This is the old photo I used and while it is fine, it isn't great. Well, OK, it's great of Spur. He is SO photogenic! My choice is between these two. Helen can lighten up Spur's face, which I think must be done. I am leaning towards the second one. It is simply the cutest one of The Spurminator!! I just LOVE those crazy, furry ears!! L. O. V. E. - LOVE them!!!
Have I mentioned lately how I think he is the cutest dog, EVER? Like there has never been a dog as cute. NEVER, ever, ever, ever.........HE IS that CUTE!!! Have I mentioned how he melts my heart? Have I ever said that before? Maybe if I say it one more time it will really sink it. Maybe you all are barfing on your keyboards?

Sorry!! I just get all stupid when it comes to The Spur Man!

HOW freakin' cute is HE????

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  1. I like the second photo as well. His face looks happier in that one. I might crop the bottom off a little though.

    I agree. He IS freaking adorable!