Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow, Spur-de-Blur!

So, finally able to check the full results and Spur's standard time was beat only by three big, VERY fast dogs!! I can't even believe I am comparing him to dogs like that!!!! WAY TO GO Spurminator!!! He ROCKED! SO cool! He is definitely ready for Nationals! :D

We lost cable during that storm and it is amazing how lost I was without internet. I can live without power, but not internet. GASP! I had to drive to the town hall and sit in the parking lot using their WiFi. How sad is that???

I was going through my photos and found these I took while walking Wylie. This rock wall garden is FABULOUS!! Absolutely totally cool...........

Those are called "Hens and Chickens". Not really sure why?
Don't look like hens or chickens to me? And aren't hens and chickens ultimately the same thing?
It is simply so pretty!!
Poor little Mouse and Pebbles. They STILL have colds! I asked the vet about it and she said to just let it run it's course. Sometimes it takes a while. I have pulled back more of their cover, so they can look out more. They are getting braver, but Mouse still HISSES at me everything I reach in to clean the cage. Pebbles is more affected by the cold, she sounds like Darth Vadar with her breathing. :( And her eyes are a little icky. Poor thing, but both are bright and alert and eating well!! They are just BORED to no end! They don't try to escape, though. Happy enough I guess to have shelter and food?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Double-Q for Spur-de-Blur at the AKC trial!

I have to RUN MY ASS off to get in a front cross so he didn't take the tunnel after the jump after the DW, but I did it. I can RUN when I put my mind to it!! :D Tunnel after a DW is how we train, so that could have been an issue. What I really like about this run is even with that front cross he still charges into his poles. He has always been thoughtful and careful, often slowing to a trot to get his pole entry. Not so this day!! He pretty well charges into them in his JWW run, too.

Placed 3rd in JWW out of 22 dogs and I THINK he won his standard class. I left as soon as it was done, but it was a SMOKIN' run! 42.05 seconds, which some big FAST dog probably beat, but I don't think anyone in the 12" class beat. It was a challenging course, lots of dogs took the tire at the end of the run as it was tough getting a tight turn to that last jump. Many did a nice back cross, but some drove their back cross too much and still got the tire. Spur went a little wide, but he made it!!!

Standard -


Again, he was the only mixed breed dog there. Good little Monkey Pants! He was SO happy and fast!!

OK, so now my bitch. My friend filmed me, she actually offered.and that's nice. But, when I asked her to zoom in she said I would have to ask someone else as she didn't have her glasses on. Um.....what???? Why is filming so hard??? You aim the camera at the movement in the room and you got it!! You really don't even have to look through the camera. You can't miss US!!! It's one big room and we are the only thing out there moving. Just aim generally at us and you got it!!!! Nope, can't do it, she was firm about it, so I gave up. I didn't have time to instruct anyone else on turning the thing on and zooming. It just seems SO simple to me??????

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kitties and dogs and........more SUNFLOWERS!

The poor feral girls still have colds. It's bumming me out! Their release date would be Sunday, but with the hurricane coming I sure won't let them out during that. But, I won't let them out if they STILL have colds. They should be over them by now, it's been over 10 days. Ugh......but, they are getting braver and actually eat in my presence now. They still hiss at me when I reach in to clean their cage.

This patch of sunflowers is the other field. It's just amazing! I am worried, though, how they will do with Irene. ????
Headed out for our walk the other day and Mr. Foxie was chowing on corn. Didn't even look up when I yelled. I made sure the dogs didn't see him/her.

Trimmed Spur's belly fur. He splashes on it when he pees, so I decided to just trim away. Kind of over-did it a little, but it is growing out and looking better. Sure defines him better, handsome boy. Squinting in the low sunlight.

There is something about Roscoe's ears when he runs. Can they BE any CUTER???? He's such a dork when he runs. No aerodynamics about Roscoe!

**Laura, Lance and Vito!! Since I can't seem to post comment on blogs these days, I'll reply here and hope you see it. Ran three DW's last night in class and Spur was as perfect as could be. Go figure. Silvia suggested I try the 180 turns on a FLAT plank and see if I can get him deeper there. And then maybe move the stick a little out from the end of the DW and see what happens.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What happens to time in August?

Will it get better in September? I don't know. I am SO far behind. Maybe I just need a bitch session.
Maybe that's not the right thing to do.
I mean every time I try to train Roscoe to stop barking, it never works. Like an uphill battle. Like a train out of control. I just quit. I can't ever get that to work.
I do want to fix things and that's really hard. How does one fix so many things? Pebbles, the new feral kitty, STILL has a snotty nose and eyes. I can't release a sick kitty!!! OI!
Colby is better on prednisone. Oh, you didn't know she wasn't well? See, it's been that long since I updated anything here. She has been sore in her lower back. Not doing stairs well, but doing flat out running OK. She is better once warmed up. We tried nsaids and cold laser, but they didn't work. Drugs, good ole powerful steriods and she is MUCH better. We have an appointment with the neurologist Friday.
Little Leta feral kitty smashed her canine tooth. Had to go to the vet to have that removed and the shards taken out of her gums, poor thing. She ate that night. Must have hurt BAD!
Back to dog shows. This weekend AKC so long as the hurricane doesn't interrupt our travel.
Training turns with Spur, which has weakened his dog walk some. Missed it or nearly missed it last night in class. Silvia said that might happen, but would eventually get better and better as they figure out all options. OK, but it's still pretty scary to see the misses or near misses. Hard to see with little Spur.
I think everyone has been notified about me going to the Nationals. DAMN, that is tough. I have a lot of people to notify and find dog walk coverage for. Not everyone got coverage, but as a self employed sole proprietor it's just something my clients have to deal with. I need time off like everyone else.
Is life good??? YES, it sure it, but it sure is packed full.
August - as a farm kid it was my least favorite month. Too much to do. Crops to harvest, hot sticky weather, tourist to deal with and winter to start thinking about. August can be my least favorite month. My head starts to spin and sometimes I am happy to day goodbye to August.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wow, whirlwind time of year!

Bill just managed to get three teenagers up and out of the house by 6:30. That after going to bed at midnight. I am seriously impressed. I didn't think he could do it! What a crazy weekend!!! Family, family, family and it was all GREAT fun. Friday out on the boat swimming in the river, racing the thunderstorm back to the dock. Dinner and a movie at home with Bill and the three kids. OMG, three teenagers can sure invade a house in no time!! More boating and activity and then a huge lobster dinner and party with bonfire and gifts!! Craziness!!!! The Carlson's are a loud and active family!!!

The girls were adorable, but WAY too much eye liner. What's up with that? I told Sarah it made her look tired, the thick black liner on her lower lid, and she should try it just on the top lid. She didn't do that. It was applied even thicker. I am not good at parenting, I guess.

Bill rocks! He got those teenagers up and out of the house by 6:30!!! I am still in awe. I mean, you should have seen their bedrooms!!!!! Rich said he made them pack up last night. Good parent. He seriously rocks. Lost a ton of weight and looks like Mr. CT again. Amazing!! He puts in a lot of hard work and he gave me crap for my 1.2 mile jog. Which I admitted I haven't done much in the last three weeks. MUST do, I know it helps me a LOT. Gasped at agility class last week after my runs. Damn.........IT!!! No one is going to be calling me Miss Maine, but I can do better and get back to my jogs (I do NOT run) and improve my "gasping" after agility runs. MUST get back to it, since we are going all the way to KY to kiss some agility ass!! No gasping in KY!!!

Rich took the kids flying in the morning. Bill and I went to photograph the sunflowers. He brought his camera in a back pack. Really!!! I put mine in my pocket. I haven't seen his, yet, but I have to say mine came out pretty good for a pocket camera that didn't need a back pack!!!! They are looking INCREDIBLE right now!! Seriously amazing.............

Roscoe is wearing his Red Sox bandanna so the kids know which dog not to touch. Spur was rolling in shit and rodent guts (seriously, like pink innards were stuck to his fur and shit was all over his back!!!), which is why HE isn't in this photo, he's off rolling in something while I am not paying attention - MUST pay attention to Spur. Ended up having to bathe him when we got home. Damn IT!!!

They seem to take on a life of their own. Like happy faces having a conversation with the world. They make you FEEL happy!!!

Some of them are a little beaten down from the rain. The petals took a wet beating.

Finally found the other photo of the new kitty. Meet Pebbles. She has a wee cold, due to being housed with nearly 100 cats. She is still snotty and I hope it clears up by next week when they can be released.

Miss Mouse again. She hisses at me every time I reach in to feed or clean them. These two appear to be the MOST feral kitties I have ever gotten. Really unsocial. :( I hope they come around.

We had another baby over on the farm last week. Meet Sunflower!!!
Whoops, just realised that isn't Sunflower, that's Beacon. Hmmm, where are my baby Sunflower photos???

So, there is now Bunny, Beacon and Sunflower. It's been a busy few weeks around here!!!

I am enjoying the peace and quiet now. Downloaded my first e-book. Started reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks". SO interesting!! About a black woman in the 50's who had cervical cancer and they harvested her cells and the cells grew and grew and grew and from what I believe are still alive today!!! Helping research in so many ways. Very interesting book!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August, WOW!

It is the busiest, craziest month. Family visiting, birthdays GALORE, and tons to do outside. It's nuts, August. No dog shows until the end of the month, but I did make the big leap and entered Spur at The Nationals. Our team name is......"Spurred into the Race". He is teaming with a dog named Race!!! :D

I put my order in for two feral kitties. They recently had to big hoarder cases. One with 50 cats and the other with 100. Not sure which one these girls came from, but they are pretty frightened. I also don't know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER PHOTO????? My dinosaur computer is not being nice to me!!! Anyway, this one I might name Mouse. She has a pointy nose and kind of looks "mousey". LOL!! The other one Rich named Pebbles. In the mind set of my new car which reminds everyone of a Flintstone vehicle. Hahahahaha!!
They will stay in the crate for two weeks to acclimate. They each have a tiny cat crate inside the big wire dog crate which is set up by the grain bin and where we feed Leta. They are tiny girls!! Probably only about 5 months old, poor frightened little things. So, if you don't see me here much it is because we are BUSY. In-laws just left, now I have to wash sheets and get ready for the next crew. Three teenagers and brother Bill! All fun, we love family, so it's all fun, but it does leave me with little time. And on top of that I have a work load FULL!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OH my gosh, what do I do????

Spur and I have just been asked to team with a very competitive team. Like I was shocked she asked ME....and SPUR. I know he has been doing well, but really, just recently. He's still quite a work in progress. There are a lot of more consistent and competitive teams out there. This is a young dog, but the handler is VERY experienced and this dog is well trained. Super fast. I don't know what to do.

Here's the deal. It means about 10 days away from home because it is a five day even with two days of travel each way. It's in Louisville KY!!! I have a ride and room to share with my good friend, so that's not an issue. Rich is supportive, so that's all cool. He would have to tend to the Pin Heads and horses. He's never had to do that for that long, but he's totally capable.

Probably my biggest hesitation is the dust (and two days travel - think numb butt/leg....ugh!). I heard the dust was pretty bad last year. I get headaches in dusty arenas. But, I can probably deal. Spur is probably ready although not a lot of experience on dirt. What do I DO?????

There is also the issue of covering for my dog walks. But, I have to take time off and people have to deal. It's tough, though, getting all that figured out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Young hawk!

Hangs around the compost pile. Peeps for it's parent to feed it. The parent is significantly smaller. Any ideas what kind of hawk? It's pretty big, like over a foot from head to tip of tail.Happy Flowers!!! Makes you smile!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Spur's very first double Q and a nice one at that!

Did another AKC trial, just the one day. GREAT trial, they run it SO well. Do all the Excellent runs first, starting with Jumpers, then Standard. So, we are done before noon!!! FREAKIN' awesome! Spur's Jumpers was fine, not super fast, but clean. His first run of the day is never his fastest. That's why USDAA suits him so well, the more runs the better he gets! But, it was still good enough for a fourth place from a very large 12" class. Largest class of the trial. And he was the ONLY mixed breed dog there! He ROCKED it!!!

His Standard was SMOKIN' for a third place and only by hundreds of a second! :D Good Little Monkey Pants!!! The crowd went nuts!! He has SUCH a big fan club! Just getting to the line is fun. He greats all his fans and they all pump him up. GREAT fun!!!! His dog walk hit was a little high because he did a 2-3-2 stride, but he got it. Barely. :P I really must instruct my people to zoom.

Was home by 2:00 and had a nice long farm walk. Just a perfect way to have a trial!

Saturday we worked on turns after the DW. Silvia wants front feet hits only now, so they land with hind feet to make a tight turn. Spur is hitting with both front and back, but always landing front first. I think his turns look fine, though, and to be pickier seems unnecessary. I sent her this video for review.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Progressive flowers!

**First, Colby's vet report -
Sore lower back. She totally reacted during manipulation right at that spot. Nothing else caused that reaction, so we are trying some cold laser and Metacam. She seems a LITTLE better today.

OK, now for the flowers. The farm is growing sunflowers for restaurants to use the oil. Then, I guess, it will be recycled as biofuel. It has been VERY fun watching them develop. This is a HUGE field that was planted!!Last week the heads were really developed.One lone flower opened up.

Until today!!!! A whole bunch along the edge have opened!!! It is going to be SO pretty when they all bloom. They are all at different stages, I guess because of the soil, the moisture, whatever.

Just phenomenally pretty!!! The bees are very happy!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Colby's lame, or sore?

Her spring time snap test was a "weak positive". At that time, not lame. Now, she has been slowly looking lame. I brought her in for a C6 and it came back negative. Low score. Hmmm, that seems odd. To have a weak positive snap and a negative C6?

She seemed better. Now she's worse. Was just in the morning and after our walk and during the day better. Last few days, even in the afternoon she is sore. She hesitates to jump on the couch, walk the three steps to the back yard. She runs in the fields and woods OK, but there are chippies, you know!

We have a vet appointment today. I hate to doubt the lab test, but it sure seems lyme-like. Last night it was a front leg. The other day a back leg. Most often just seems like over all sore.

Maybe it's just arthritis.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What did Spur get for his birthday?

A new frisbee, of course!!! His old one is about to disintegrate!!! It no longer has the plastic supports that make it solid and "floppy", so it's basically just a rag at this point!!! He is SO happy!! Although, the old one made him just as happy, really. :P Jazz is fitting right in. Look at him deep in the lean-to, not worried about the girls.

He just blends right in! Can you tell which one is Jazz?

I tried to get all three horses and all three dogs in a photo with my garden, but just couldn't do it. Still, what a nice shot, A? We think about selling and building a smaller house and then we see this and it's hard to think we can ever replicate it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Spur-Minator, Spur Man, Spur de Blur, Mr. Monkey Pants!!!

These went in the wrong order, so try scrolling from the bottom up to get a better time sequence!! These are some of my favorite photos of the little guy!!

Spur de Blur!!!!

Thanks Joy Elliot for this lovely shot!!!!

Helen Peppe took this one. He stole BAM!'s ball!!

Helen Peppe took this one, too!

And this one.....

Nice tail!!! :P

Just home for Christmas!!!

At the Bishop Street shelter. Poor little munchin. :(

Hard to believe he is four years old. Where does the time go? I still call him Baby Spur! I think he will always be our baby until we get one younger. He's still a baby compared to the Pin Heads, for sure. He is the sweetest and most charming dog we have ever had. Just a pleasure! I love him so much!!!