Sunday, May 31, 2015

Some videos, finally

So, been working on Moose's RDW and, well, we may have a record here!!! Full height in 5 weeks, 18 sessions. Really???? Really!!! OK, so last fall she started him on the carpet and plank and a low partial DW, but then the winter off. I don't even know how he does it, honestly. He is just perfect! And only 13 months old!!!

We do some get the contact game before each session. Not sure how he manages to adjust, but he does. Crazy!

Been working again on Spur's turns with the mat. We took a break because he looked like he just didn't get it once the mat was on the plank.............

Then I had an idea.......

We'll see if it holds up. Funny little guy!!

Been crazy busy around here now that the weather is good. And the weather is GOOD!!! Was very dry for a while, but that mean nice, sunny weather and NO bugs in the woods. We LOVED it. Rotten Roscoe was hiking with us nearly every day, probably going 2 - 2 1/2 miles. Crazy at 16!!! The dog is unstoppable!!

Been to a few trials with Spur. Some good, some OK runs. Yesterday was outside. Hot and small trial and he was kind of pokey. The weekend before was indoors. Pretty good runs. Definitely better jumping.

Having puppy envy as many of my friends are getting puppies. I am SO thankful to have Moose to work with. He's a fun and SUPER bright pup.I spend my mornings and rainy days doing "puppy porn". One of my agility cyber friends just went to Germany for a puppy. SO cute and what fun!!! A trip to Germany AND bring home a puppy. Doesn't get any better than that. A nice little souvenir!!! Want, want, want!!! My friends are all sending me rescue dogs. OI!!!! It's brutal. I don't want three dogs again. I hate to look forward to Roscoe's demise, but the dog has been a challenge to live with. Drives us NUTS most of the time. Really hard to live with, but he just keeps on going!!!! I know I will miss him.........some..........once he is gone, but I will also feel such a sense of relief. I can't think of a much more difficult dog. I guess more difficult would be if he were a big dog. But, then he would NOT be here. I would not have kept him alive had he been a big dog. He's is small and that benefits him. He isn't going to maul you or your dog. So he lives.

So, for now I do puppy porn. Every day. Every single day....................