Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I savor the day!

We had on busy Jewell Island on Sunday. I do hope we can get out there again when it is LESS busy. It was really lovely. The views are incredible, the pebbly beaches awesome, the rocky shore breathtaking. It is really very, very pretty.

We have two days of USDAA agility this weekend. Haven't practiced much. Too FREAKIN' HOT! After walking dogs all day in the hot breeze I came home and camped out in the office. My house is dirty. Dog hair every where, sheets need cleaning, laundry hamper is full, I can write my name in the dust on my dresser, so I holed up in the office yesterday afternoon with the AC and read my book. I simply couldn't do ANYTHING else. I totally melt into a grumpy pile of complaining bitchiness. Please heat, GO AWAY.

For the first time in, well, ever? I am not looking forward to agility class tonight.

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