Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Capt. Roscoe

You ask him. What is more fun? Hiking miles of woods chasing chippies and leaping over rocks and through thickets and exploring trails? Or being Capt. Roscoe?I don't think there is any contest!

The wind in his hair, the fresh air, the alone time with ma. The interesting things to see and smell. It's good, ALL GOOD!
He even brings a smile to our guests. A rare event. Our guests smiling in the presence of Roscoe.And then there are the treats. We always have food on the boat. And eating may be Roscoe's all time favorite thing to do. Get on the boat or have a bag of chips? Do I need to even ask?
It's funny, he's funny. Roscoe + boat = one happy bad dog. He LOVES it!
In fact, he loves it so much that after the first trip each summer any time we head out in the afternoon/evening he thinks it MUST be boating time! He gets SO bummed out left at home. Mornings? He's fine when I leave him. Must be grocery shopping or running some other errand or off to work. Afternoon on a sunny, hot day? Must be boating!!!
The other dogs enjoy the boat, too, but we often take just The Capt. It's his special time. And it's a time when he is on his best behavior. Happy Dog = Happy Dog. His bad dog side gets put away on the boat and he brings out his Happy Dog.

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