Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hmmm, just hmmmmm

So, I need to eliminate the head turn. -

"Eliminate the head turn". She says.

On our morning dog walk Rich mentioned how he was at the dentist's the other day and he and the assistant got chatting about sailing. Dentist friend (a dog person) says....."Geez, is this what it's like when we dog people talk dogs endlessly?"......"I have nothing to add to this sailing discussion." To which Rich gently nods and smirks. That's how it is, we either talk dogs endlessly or we don't talk. Kind of the way it is. Dog people = dog talk. And sometimes we forget there are other people in the world. Sailors, skiers, bikers, joggers, people who like cats/cat people. It is probably a little insensitive to be among the others and never talk anything but dog-talk.

I don't think cat people say things like "eliminate the head turn"?? Or do they? I am a cat person and I say that. But it has nothing to do with my cats.

The ball launcher needs some tweaking. I ordered another touch pad and probably won't try using it on the dog walk until I get that. The single pad is just 12x12" and that's a really small area he needs to hit. Once I get that and get the unit working on the dog walk I think I will have to mess around with the location of the launcher. Sylvia Trkman says she wants the dog looking ahead for the reward. The would mean I need to eliminate the head turn. Probably just a simple placement of reinforcement or move the launcher so he is looking ahead for the ball.

Do cat people say that? Placement of reinforcement? They should! If they want to train their cats!!

I'll have to look for the videos of the guy in Europe's launcher. I don't remember his dogs looking back. But, his launcher does launch the balls a LOT farther.

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  1. Hmmmm. Hmmmmm. There's just enough of a delay between the noise and the launch for a good head turn.