Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Helen did more photos......this past spring!

Ultimately, I was trying to get some new photos for my business cards and business info sheets. I wanted all three dogs and Jewel, but the trouble is Colby squints now in any bright light, so we did the dogs in the shade. Not sure how those will do on a business card, but I may do a template and see how it looks. She took some of us in the fields with the buttercups, too.

OK, the trouble wasn't just Colby squinting, getting all three dogs to hang out with me and Jewel in the field wasn't easy. You'll see as you scroll down! I saved the best for last!

Jewel is THE most photogenic horse!!!

Spur - he just can't control his LICKER!!!

Yum, that cat shit you just ate tastes SO good on my lips!

I may settle for one of these shots with just me and Spur, although I think the shade just diminishes the definition in his adorable face? She is sending me a CD with many more and she said she can lighten up any ones I like.

Is he not THE cutest dog in the world??????

OK, this one cracks me up!! I mean, NO, we didn't have a wind machine making my hair blow like that! Who does that sort of thing?? Do I LOOK dressed like a fashion model???? That's a bait bag on my butt, for cryin' out loud! And cargo pants??? Oi! At least I had that nice hat on! Brought that hat out the other day for Evelyn's service and found a HOLE on the edge!! Damn IT!! I LOVE that hat.
Helen lightened my face. I just think it is corny and dorky looking. Helen loves it! She can pretend she brought along her fancy wind machine. Yeah, that's it, cuz my friend Helen has a wind machine!! Yeah, RIGHT!!!

Now, drum roll please................THIS ONE FREAKIN' CRACKS ME UP!!!!
No caption needed, Roscoe is saying some very bad words!

I title this one......"The good (Colby), the bad (Roscoe) and the beautiful (Jewel)."

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