Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's family time!

You may not see me much here. Rich's family first, then mine. We both have big families. :O

I am on vacation this week, thank goodness, I need it with all the company here! I have reserved a couple days for myself, though, mid-week. Phew! Gotta get my fence work done, ride Jewel, do some much needed garden clean up. Read my books. Me time. Glad to have it.

Today? Another awesome hike this morning for off. Trails are dry and bug free right now! Then out on the boat with Brian and Bill. Of course, Captn. Roscoe gets to go. He LOVES the boat. We took him out Friday for happy hour for Rich's birthday with some of Rich's friends. Guys who know not to pat him. He was a humping fool! :O Oh my that dog is a piece of work! He just gets over-stimulated on the boat. He loves it!! All the things to see, the food, the sounds, I don't know, but it is one of his favorite things to do. I asked Rich yesterday as we were hiking in the morning and watching Colby and Spur RACE through the woods after chippies if he thought Roscoe likes hiking more or boating? I think he would rather be boating. Colby and Spur? Hands down, hiking. No contest. Roscoe - on the boat, man!! That's his place! He LOVES it! He marches down the docks like he owns the place!

I got photos, but my battery died, so it may be a while before I load any. Company arrives around 11:00 today, so from then on my days are full with visitors for a bit. August = family events.

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