Thursday, August 19, 2010

When it says "Wildflower mix", what they really mean are vegetables and some flowers

Each spring I take an annual flower packet and sprinkle it around my perenials. Often I use the California Poppies because they are so cute, spread nicely, have the prettiest little orange flowers that bloom all year. They didn't have those this year at the store and I grabbed a mix. A "Wildflower mix". I figured on batchelor buttons, baby's breath, some sunflowers and cosmos, but what appeared?.............Squash? And Tomatos?
There is actually a tomato plant inside the squash plant with many green tomatoes. We have picked 8 squash already and there are many more coming!!! This was the only one I allowed to mature. They were all through my gardens! These "wildflowers"!!!!

I just have to be sure to wash them well, because you never know who might have "fertilized" them. :O

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