Friday, September 18, 2015

We have been busy little beavers!

Work and play keeping us very busy!

Bim is doing Silvia's foundation class. We do the work with bars on the ground. Actually, mostly around wings. He's doing SO well!!! He seems so mature for a five month old puppy. Especially a male, everyone says males mature slower. Hmmmm, not Bim. And he's growing UP!!! Lost his first canine tooth, thank GOODNESS!!! Ouch, those are SHARP!

He is about 20lbs and 15", give or take. Huh, dude, time to slow that growth down! I would like him to stay 16" or below. Not a BIG deal, but if he goes over 16" he would have to jump 18" in USDAA. If he stays 16" and below he can do 16" in both venues, which would be ultimate. We shall see, I think it will be very close!

We are now working figure 8s and tunnel sends and come to hand work.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh dear, sorry Roscoe!

He likes to wander around when we are training and so long as he isn't getting in the way I allow it and toss him cookies sometimes. Oops, this session I thought he had moved out of the way............bonk. He got slammed. He seems fine, but what a BAD mama I am.

I am not doing much with Bim's agility training, mostly tricks, but we started our cik/cap wraps around trees in the woods, so I decided to see how he would do on a wing. Nailed it!!!

Silvia says he has amazing use of his body and great speed for a pup so young. He will be 19 weeks on Monday. He seems SO mature for his age!!!

We put it together this morning. First time doing wraps on a different wing, so he didn't drive as well at first, but I think he'll get this game pretty quick! You are seeing ALL the reps, so we really aren't doing very much.

Such a good little monkey!!!