Thursday, August 5, 2010

OK, I promise, the last camp photos!

Spur looks so funny with just wet feet. He is a very fine boned dog.
He was "working" these ducks along the shore!!! Spur was obsessed. Trying out his duck tolling maybe?
Hm, no eyes?

Colby is making plans!!!
They went back and forth, from the inlet to the opposite side of the beach. Making the dogs SO interested.

Well, Roscoe was only mildly interested. I mean, HE isn't going in the water after them.

However, Colby was!!! They got JUST too close and POUNCE, she was after them! Of course, they were faster than her and she quickly learned they were not worth the swim, but she DID try!!
Roscoe rested after his big duck hunting adventure.

The end.

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