Friday, March 28, 2014

AKC Nationals, when we design our own courses!

How fun is that???? well, not all of us do that, but apparently I do! Yesterday I ran the judges course, but today I decided we needed to add a jump. And then we ran clean!!! MY course!!! :D 

The trial site actually kind of sucks. Seriously bad areas to potty the dogs. No grass except for one small section. 2000 dogs makes for a LOT of elimination needs. Goodness, what were they thinking?????

does that look like a good potty area?????

but, we are managing. There is a lovely hiking area not far from the site and each day we have had some great walks!!!

Even saw a snake!!!! A nice sight, sign of spring. It was sleepy and slow from it's long winter.

Saw a flock of great blue herons and a pair of white swans!!!

we met our friends along the way. A motley crew of little dogs!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are off!!!!

Heading to Harrisburg PA today for the AKC Agility Nationals!!! Spur qualified easily last year so off we go to kick some mixed breed butt at a class all breeed show!! He isn,t really  competitive, but we plan  to run as well as we can. My only reseration is there is only one run a day!!! Um, boring.............I am wonderring why I do this? Sure, I like watching agility, but ALL day and mosttly the same course???? 

Spur will get to run on dirt and that will be nice, we both like that. We run on rubber so much around here. My  plan was to do some hiking in the area, but the weather looks absolutely dreadffful. Rain, rain, and more rain!!! So, I drive 9 hours to do one run a day and get trapped in a farm complex watching the same agility over and over on dirt. Um, I call this a vacation????

Maybe I am making this not sound so good, but last yearr we had a week on St. Thomas. You decide.

One thing is for sure, the snow better be mostly gone from my yarrd by the time I return!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I KNOW, too long between posts!!!

I don't really have anything new to report. The endless winter is hanging on tight. That makes for depressing times, honestly. Tired of no sun, cold days and TOO much snow. And, to make it worse now we start getting mud!!!! But, I do feel  hopeful. This morning we had a lovely beach walk,with tons of seagulls for Spur to chase and dim light so Colby could go. 

We are seeing more and more bluebirds, but I don't really have any pictures more fabulous than previous ones. 

We are getting ready for AKC Agility Nationals in PA next week. Colby and Spur got baths. Colby needs it, not because she isgoing, but because she sheds SO much it  helps to bathe herr a bit more. So, Spur is all  clean and fluffy and paws are trim and neat. I need to pack   today. We are a littleworried about  theweatherr. Saying a possiible EastCoast blizzard the  days we want to travel. How nice!!!! >:/ I just LOVE this winter!!! Oh is Sppring now!!!!!  WTF!!!!

Colby wears a bathrobe after her bath. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Too cold and windy!!!!

Beautifl sunny day, but the temperature is dropping and the winds are picking up. Cold enough that our plans to ski were scrapped! I considered a morning beach walk, but very glad I scrapped that, too!!!! 

so, what to do with myself and the dogs????? MORE trick training???? They love it, but I am really getting tired of being inside. I guess more house cleaning. You might think my house was clean, but nope I end up reading or watching silly videos, or checking Facebook. BORED!!!!! 

I bought a new Dremel yesterday, so I am excited to try it. Can you read how bored I am??????? Excited to try a new Dremel!! That is BORED!!!!! This one was only $20 and is corded, so that may prove challenging, but my mini mite cordless is no longer working well and we have gone through several batteries. 

theses two are excited, too!!! Can you tell?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Huh, a WEEK?????

'Has it really been a week since my last post????? What a week! We are nearing the first day of spring, yet we STILL barely get out of the teens and have MORE snow!!! It has my head foggy. I feel a wee bit depressed. I just barely finished my last book and that took me three weeks. what???? 

I am trying to embrace the winter and may even go skiing for the first time in years. 

I don't even know what to put in this post. It was a rough week here. Colby woke up Sunday morning in pain. sore and hunched over. she was fine the day before. A vet appointment and some pain mess and she is feeling better, but we were kind of worried. her life is not of great quality right now, she can really only walk on the road since she can't see on the snow at all. But, she is doing better!!!!! back to carrying around her special ball!!!

We had some super cold nights and our wood is dwindling. SO glad to have the woodstove on those cold nights. 

Today was our first really bright day and it felt pretty good!!!! The sun is strong and warm and helps my outlook, for sure.

took a beach walk with Mary, then stopped for a bear at The Clam Bake. I am no longer a Clam Bake virgin!!! Can't believe I have never been there!!! an iconic eatery, for sure. Redneckville!!!! had some onion rings. I had to!

Saw this healthy guy/ gal the other day. Nice to see them healthy this time of year.

This fun foursome had a blast last weekend in the woods!!! George, Sophie(finding a dropped treat!), Tess and Spur!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finding the sun!

It seems like it was lost. Maybe it was only lost for a couple of days, but when it is SO cold and sunless, the days seem to go on FOREVER!!!!

The old dogs are SO bored. Colby can not see on the snow and the park is not clear enough from the last little snow fall. It is too cold for Roscoe on the trails because his tiny feet sink on the little snow fall. Spur even had cold feet today once. But, the sun is strong and that helped a LOT!!!! It helps our demeanor. 

Really such a bad winter this year. hard to stay up beat!

they look old.........they are old.