Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dry is sometimes OK

It means the mosquitoes are not as plentiful, the deer flies are not as active and the woods are AWESOME for hiking!! We had another long woods hike this morning. Found some new trails the mountain bikers have made. Saw only three people. One single man heading out. A chick sitting on a rock reading. And a lady with a doodle heading in as we left. We like it that way. Actually, even better would be NO body else, but those days are over. We used to have those trails to ourselves, but then the "Green Belt" arrived. Oi! I should be glad, but now they are used often my mountain bikers and other dog walkers and they are no longer "our woods".
Oh well, that's the way it goes. We had a BALL, though, this morning. Cool and fresh, dry and bug-free for the most part!! Ended up heading onto Jay Cox's place and snuck some water for the dogs from the spicket. We know Jay, he and Rich have done work together, so we felt we could do that. It is private land, though, so no one else should be heading over there. Until this winter when he finally opens the trees for sale!! His farm name? Something like "Ye Ole Christmas Farm" or something corny like that. Big new barn that will have gifts and cider and wreaths. The trees look LOVELY and Rich picked one out for us. Hahahaha.

Colby came home and you might think she would be tired and rest. I mean, we haven't done THAT many long hikes lately because of the heat. But, NO, she had to go back to work in the garden. She found this fellow.......

GOOD GRIEF, this was SOME FAT TOAD!!! I took him to the woods. He came back. I took him farther. He'll probably be back. Or is it a she? Does anyone know?

Found this photo I took last week of the babies and one Mamma snoozing!!
They were enjoying the warm ground and out FLAT! Very cute!!!! The babies are now allowed in the big field and they are SO happy!!!

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