Sunday, August 29, 2010

He has become so resilient and recovers so nicely now!

I am so proud of my little paw wringer! In a few, easy sessions we are back on track. Lost SOME speed, but I see that coming back pretty quickly. There is a very slight delay between the hits on the strike pads and the launch of the ball, however. Do you see that? With more speed that is going to be pretty noticable, I think? I don't know how important that will be.

This really is a genius device!! -

Here we are back in the yard on the flat. I moved the launcher to the other side. See how his head is turned to the right, then he catches the ball in his left eye? I think placement of the launcher is kind of important, but not yet sure where is the RIGHT placement. -

Here we are in the agility yard on the full dog walk! Pretty cool, A? (I know, the quality stinks. I need to get help with my sony cam to get better quality videos and for slow mo editing!!! My flip is just crappy. Easy to use, but crappy.)-

Oh and you may notice his slight hesitation to go into the tunnel. A couple weeks ago some hornets made a nest in my tunnel. :O Poor little buggar got stung. I now check my tunnels every time before using them, but he is remembering and sometimes shows a slight hesitation, poor little guy! It is always SOMETHING, it seems! A year ago he might not have entered a tunnel for weeks, so he is showing great resiliency these days. Things can go wrong and he recovers pretty well. I am pretty proud of the little guy! He is trying with everything he has and seems to still enjoy the work, regardless of my idiocracy and the hornets and other things that just happen to happen. Like when I get STUPID, he is recovering from those times. He is figuring out that my stupidity is just a part of the deal and he'll forgive me my short comings. He is a GOOD boy! I LOVE him!! Oh wait, you knew that already?

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