Saturday, February 28, 2015

A bit of a bump in the road.

A few weekends ago Spur knocked the triple. It was tunnel to DW to triple straight towards the crowd. He knocked a bar at the next trial. He lost confidence. He started the stutter stepping really bad.

Last weekend.......

Then the next day so bad I took hm off the course. :( I think as he has gotten faster he isn't jumping as big as he used to. Well, that means a risk of knocking a bar. And a loss of confidence.

So, Indecided he needs to practice running on rubber and decided to rent a place once a week. Our first night I tried his regular height. Pretty bad. Then I dropped the jumps to 10". Improvement. Silvia says start at 8", then got to 10", then go to 12" and see how he does.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Finally loaded some video

They put new rubber flooring at the Rainbow room and Spur seems to like it!! Not as much stutter stepping and no knocked bars. Much faster in weaves, too!!! Good boy!!!

We haven't trialed much this winter as the storms have kept us home. UGH! Hoping to get to one on Saturday and possibly Sunday. Although, another possible storm on Sunday. OMG, it is unbelieveable. Over 5 feet of snow since the first of the year. That's a LOT of snow! Boston has over 7 feet. Eastport Maine over 10 feet. Goodness!!! If it all melts at once, we will be in trouble, but yesterday was nearly 35 and it shrunk considerably and melted some. Days like that help a lot. Slow, steady melting. That's my plan. :D Really, really looking forward to seeing some grass. It wouldn't be so bad if only the mountains were getting as much, but they are not. And it is TOO cold there for much of anything. Hoping that will change and we can finally get some skiing in!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another paint night!!!

I didn't  do as well with my painting. I forgot the photo to use as guide and had to use another and struggled, but it was SO fun again!!!

Here is Lizzie doing Moose and the painting of Colby. It came out OK, but I want to try to fix it better when I get a chance.

Been SO busy digging out from piles of snow!!! Becoming a bit annoying, but we are having fun snow shoeing when we can. SO pretty in the fresh snow, but, um, FIVE feet is enough!!!!

Did a team trial last weekend. Stuck in a major snow storm and had a brutal drive home, Would have stayed but they said the next day would be worse. They were wrong, we should have stayed!!! Two hour drive took over four hours!!!! team WON!!!!! I didn't stay for the usual group photos so I could get on the road.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yeah, I know, I'm way behind on blog posts!!!!

OK, so snow storm after snow storm has me spinning my wheels!!!! I can't catch up!!!!

Poor Roscoe hasn't had a decent walk I ages!'!! I really should get him to the park one of these days, but I'm exhausted after blazing ANOTHER trail with Spur each afternoon. Seems like we just get the trail packed down and we get MORE snow!'!!

Spur and I are in GREAT shape, but it is getting OLD!!!! And more snow is in the forecast. I hate to be a complainer, but I am tired........

I finally decided to try the balloon booties for Spur and I am THRILLED!!!! They prevent the terrible snow/ice balls he would get. I'm so happy with them!'!! I am using the slightly large size, easier to get on and they stay ON!!! I don't even know why, but they do!!!! He is so much happier!!!! I have even bought some for my clients dogs!!!! To keep their feet for hurting with the huge amount of salt applied on the roads.

I tried a small and and xsmall and the small works fine!!!

Moose tried them, too!,

There is this new rage about these exercise balls made for dogs, called Fitballs. Huh???? Why not just get the dogs out in the SNOW???? I can't think of a better work out!!!! I guess if you can't get out, well, the exercise balls are better than nothing, but really!??? just take your dog for a hike!!!!