Monday, November 2, 2015

So, panic sets in!!!

Yesterday I had to go back out the door to get Roscoe who I had attempted to call to come in and he heard my voice as coming from outside and off he went. I stepped WRONG!! Went DOWN hard! My ankle twisted and SCREAMED at me. OMG!!! PANIC!!!! I landed fine and held myself there on hands and knees for a minute thinking all the things that a broken or twisted ankle would result in. First, no work. Second, no play. Third..................NO!!!!! I would NOT make a good patient! Not wanting to get up by myself and risk further injury I screamed for Rich to come get me. I'm hyperventilating at this point. Get inside and feel faint! He gets me something to drink, some ice for the ankle and I sit them wiggling my toes. OK, I can do that. No pain. Well, the damn thing hurts, but I can wiggle my ankle and toes. Breathing becomes more steady. I think I'm OK. Ice is starting to make me chilled, so I remove it and take some Advil.

Reassess. It seems fine. I mean, fine in that it isn't broken or sprained. PHEW!!! Rich starts calling me all kinds of names.....Drama Queen, Pansy, Wimp, Freak Out, Woosie, oh shut up dude, it fucking hurt! I take off my sock and there is a bad scrape and bruise, but minimal swelling. OK, so panic subsided and I'm feeling a LOT better. Oh my, they say some of the worst injuries are on stairs. Yep, doesn't take much. I think that's probably why I freaked out so bad, I had visions of all my friends who have broken, twisted, sprained ankles and feet and toes and arms from falling on stairs or even just one step.

Bruise is bad, but it isn't very swollen and it is OK. YAY!!!!!

So, on a lighter note I have BIG news!!! Bim did his very first real DW planks!!!! I stapled his carpet to flat planks and he looked great. Silvia said time to go straight to two DW planks. Gulp. Is he ready? Can he do it? Um, yep, he can!!!! And he looked AMAZING!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Thanks Laura, didn't realize I posted the same video twice.
Here is extension/collection........

And another lesson from a couple weeks ago.............

Today's exercise will be serps. Oh my, we have tried them a few times and now that The Mighty Bimster is six months old he has some POWER and speed and isn't quite understanding it is about the jumps. He totally understands to wrap, if I give my collection cue early enough. No sloppy handling with this little powerhouse, he won't let me get away with it, LOL!!!!

Six months old, probably over 16" tall and 23lbs.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Videos as promised!

 Working extension and then collection..

 First sequence using low bars.........

First time doing any "lengthy" heeling and first time outside. Trying to get him to not look at my hand. Silvia's suggestion - holding the hand behind my back. Not sure I care about him looking at my hand? I use hand signals almost exclusively, so not sure that's an issue? Experimenting......

Friday, October 23, 2015

Been playing with a free app!!!

Pretty cool!!! A photo editing app called Aviary. Really fun.........

Hey!!!!! Did to miss me?????

Ok, sorry, some have written me complaint about my lack of blog posts. Um....remember I have a highly active PUPPY!!!!!! We are busy, busy and and the weather has been fabulous, so we are enjoying life to the fullest!!!!

Bim is now six months and a bit bigger than I had planned. Pretty sure he is now 16 1/2", which is how big his mum is. His dad is 15 1/2, so we had hoped for no bigge than 16. Going over that means he will jump 18" in USDAA which he can do easily, but it means he jumps that in USDAA and 16 in AKC. Would rather a dog have to jump only one height, but oh well. Nothing I can do, we aren't sending hm back!! 😉
He is now 22.5lbs. A big boy!!! And SUPER fun to train. I promise I'll post videos soon. He is now doing low bars, 4" jumps and it feels like he's truly doing agility!!!!! hE LOVES it and barks and screams his way around a course. We may end up called the loud team!!!! lol!!!! It is a bit to get used to, I have never run a loud barker before.

He and Spur are becoming very nice friends. And that makes me very happy.

Rotten Roscoe is showing signs of age that makes me feel the end is coming. More drinking, pooping n the house. I thnk he just forgets, then can't hold it. Had my niece and nephew for dinner last week and he stepped in it and walked all through the kitchen before we realized it. Oh MY!!!!! Amazing no one smelled it??????? I guess my fabulous cooking smells masked it? Oi!!!! Glad it was my niece and nephew and not some others who might have been totally grossed out. We watch our step now.........always. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

We have been busy little beavers!

Work and play keeping us very busy!

Bim is doing Silvia's foundation class. We do the work with bars on the ground. Actually, mostly around wings. He's doing SO well!!! He seems so mature for a five month old puppy. Especially a male, everyone says males mature slower. Hmmmm, not Bim. And he's growing UP!!! Lost his first canine tooth, thank GOODNESS!!! Ouch, those are SHARP!

He is about 20lbs and 15", give or take. Huh, dude, time to slow that growth down! I would like him to stay 16" or below. Not a BIG deal, but if he goes over 16" he would have to jump 18" in USDAA. If he stays 16" and below he can do 16" in both venues, which would be ultimate. We shall see, I think it will be very close!

We are now working figure 8s and tunnel sends and come to hand work.

Saturday, September 5, 2015