Monday, November 17, 2014

I feel like a complainer

I complain and complain about my technology. I complain about not having enough time in the day. I complain about menopause. I complain about my sister posting endless photos of FOOD from her trip to Portugal. Really?
Why do people like to do that? Post their plates/tables/meals on facebook? I don't think food really looks that good in photos unless you are a professional photographer and can really make it look NICE. It usually looks like globs of guck to me from the layman photos. I just don't get it. I complained. I complained and my mother called me pissy and posted she wanted to see all the food. Me? I am sick of the food, she is in Portugal! I want to see scenery and horses and people. Sure, she posted photos of marble and buildings. OK, I think those are all cool and everything, but mostly they just come out as grey stone. The weather must be a little grey and cloudy, so the marble and buildings end up washed out and little definition. FINALLY, she posted some horse photos. I mean, really, that was the reason they went! A gift to her youngest who is a horse fanatic. Thank goodness no more food photos!!! I even asked the question....."are you doing anything other than eating???". Yes, I was pissy. You are in PORTUGAL!!!! I can look in a magazine about food to see food photos!! I want to see PORTUGAL!

So, I felt pissy again this weekend. I decided to do a local (one hour away) CPE trial. Rich calls it the "loser" agility. I didn't put that word in his mind, he came up with it when he watched my runs one year, many years ago, in a CPE trial. He said, "huh, the courses are really simple"?? Yes, they are, that is CPE, very simple courses. I find it sometimes annoying they are so simple. Like up one side, down the other. Yep, like 14 obstacles and you're done. But, sometimes a good venue for a dog like Spur because it is so simple. And this one was on dirt, so we decided to do it since I signed up for the big AKC trial in Springfield coming up. On dirt, four rings, biggest AKC trial in the country. It is a fun trial except it is in Springfield. And, well, on dirt. The dirt is GREAT for the dogs, but it does produce some dust and make everything dirty. I haven't really liked it in the past, but hey, Spur seems to like running on something other than rubber, so this year I decided to go and give it a try. We haven't been trialing as much as last year, so what the heck, give it a go. Well, this past weekend's CPE trial was kind of a warm up for that. He seemed to enjoy it. We haven't run on dirt in years. It is HARD for us humans!!! But, Spur seemed to like it. Took some adjusting, he has been badly stutter stepping on rubber lately after knocking a few bars, probably from slipping. He is such a worrier. No slipping on the dirt, but he did have to adjust some.

OK, so what is my beef about that trial??? Well, CPE people bitch and moan about how HARD AKC and USDAA trials are, courses are way too complicated, too many rules and bitchy people. Hmmmm, well, I can not remember a trial where they were more uptight about rules, the judge's briefing was full of what not to do's, she sounded like she was reprimanding a class of fifth graders. And her courses had many sections where the distances between obstacles and the approaches to contacts were HORRIBLE. Talk about complicated. No, not tight twisty lines, but damn bad approaches to obstacles. And so many straight lines that people could not possibly do with a some what fast dog. I saw more dogs pull off obstacles because the handler wasn't running. I mean seriously some of them barely broke a jog. WHAT? This is an agility "run". You RUN people!!!! I had a woman complain to me about her dog being distracted and not paying attention. Huh, well, when you barely jog around a course and are SO late with your cues, why would the dog pay attention!!!! LOL!!! Fucking RUN the course and the dog might start paying attention!!! These people did not look injured or old or sick. RUN people!!! It is called agility and it your "run" with your dog! RUN!!!!

OK, enough of that. Now for some videos. Been training Tess for Sharon while she recovers from some minor surgeries. We are doing Silvia's foundation class and it is very fun. She is a curious and fun little dog. She has some worries, doesn't totally understand it is all about being fast and tight, but she is learning and  she sure has the ability! We just need to figure out how to make her understand exactly what it is all about. She is coming along nicely!!!


and a run on the beach one morning. YAY!! Look at Spur GO!!!

And some fun tunnel discrimination practice with Spur!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stuck in computer hell!!!!

It really does seem like hell sometimes!!!! I have trouble with my ancient computer, so I get a laptop and can't get that to work. My ever trusty iPad is now giving me fits. WTH!!!!!! 

But, hey, these are minor issues. We are not cold or hungry, have Ebola, or the flu. But, I still want to complain. I mean, today my keyboard locks up. New batteries, so it isn't that. Ugh. The worst part is all this techno trouble is SO time consuming. I sit and wait for sites to load, or my forms library to open, or a word document to open......wait, wait, and wait some more. I am tired of waiting on a computer.

I am currently "attending" Silvia Trkman's online agility class with a friend's dog and want to post videos. But, after all the time it takes to make the videos and load them to the classroom I have no patience any more to make blog posts!!!!! ARGH!!!

So, for now settle for a few photos. -

poor Roscoe must have gotten the sun in his eyes and ran into a jump. Then summersaulted, a MinPin lawn dart!!!!!

Spur, working hard to keep up with Tess. He actually does a pretty good job!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

OK, so a tech I am NOT!!!!

My friend suggested I pay the $100 for the unlimited istore guru advice. I am not hesitant because, well, .........I hate that stuff. I mean, really, I have limited time in my life for stuff as it is, why would I make appt. to spent time doing stuff I don't like. ????? well, the answer would be to give me MORE time, right? So that I am not spending my time trying to figure stuff out for myself. OK, maybe I will do that.......later. I am a PROcrastinator!!!!!

I love the technology I have.......for some stuff. Making training videos, taking photos, playing games and watching videos. But, it does sometimes seem to suck my time into outer space, gone with the wind, time I will never get back. Time spent doing NOTHING!!!!!!

Oh well, with the help of technology (I had to look up the M logo), I made a fun Halloween costume for a party last night!! BIG hit at the party!!!! everyone thought it was so cool and loved to bounce into me! At the end of the night I want to stab the balloons one at a time and have others help. Hah, Rich AND the hostess wouldn't let me!!! WHY!!!! like I was going to save it?????? Nah, I had to pop the balloons today anyway, would have been fun to pop them at the party. 

poor Roscoe had to endure a photo! He was so intrigued by the costume, I finally put it over his head, silly dog!!!!

The balloons were attached with safety pins to a big t-shirt. the M was made with a template and spray paint. It really was fun!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

So many things to tell!!

And nothing of any great interest, really! My life is so simple. Enjoy the outdoors, my dog, flowers and photos. That/s it, that's all.

First, this is a flower  =my neighbor gave me this spring. From seeds brought in from Puerto Rico. It never did anything all summer......until NOW!!! NOW it decides to flower!!!! Funny plant!!!

Finally found the photo of Spur joinging us for lunch in 
Bar Harbor. Such a good boy!!

 And the pretty garden ornament made from plates and glass cups. COOL!!

This next series of  photos I love because it shows two dogs having such a great time playing!! The little white westie is only four months old and just met the bigger dog. They were fast friends!! Lovely play!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Bar Harbor hiking photos!

More of the stone steps'!!!

This was the return path, all along the pond in the shade. See us on the left? So pleasant!!!
Darn, I can't find the photos of Spur sitting on his bed next to us having his lunch. He was such a good boy'!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The BEST day!!!!!

Not sure if I can come up with a day, maybe ever, that was as much fun!!!! 

Started out with an amazing flight from Portland to Bar Harbor!!!! The day was bright and sunny and the fall colors just starting to really look brilliant!'! Flying over the coast of Maine has to be one of the nicest things to do!!! Such spectacular scenery, the islands, the boats, the coves, the lighthouses, the fishing boats and sailboats, the little harbors and island towns, just incredible!!!! And this from someone who has had to go to therapy for a year just to get into the plane!!!

Flying over Mount Dessert island is pretty spectacular, too. The hills and valleys and more coves and quaint towns. Little Spur came with us and did great!!! I am sure he wasn't thrilled by the engine sound, but ultimately it is a more comfortable ride for him than in a car. Certainly shorter, but also way less bumpy and no stop and got, so a way smoother ride. 

I was very proud! And glad to know he wasn't too freaked. He certainly seemed more relaxed than me!!! Good little monkey pants!!!

We hiked the most amazing Mount Maszell which had stone steps all the way to the top!!! that was a bit of a challenge even for us three who are in really good shape. But, very cool!!!

The photos are not in order. This is from downtown Bar Harbor where we shopped after lunch....

Lunch was outside on a little patio. Spur got some grilled chicken and sat out with us like a perfect gentleman!!!! 

Thar is Mt. Mansell. Not that big, about 1000 feet, but the steps up made it a great work out.

This was relaxing along Long Pond after our decent.

The photos just don't do the trails justice!! it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Can you find Spur? He went down for a dip!!!!

Blue Hill in the background!!! Where I went to High school!

That is actually the trail!

This was spotted across the pond on another peak.
See the stone steps!!!! There were hundreds of them!!! Doing the stair stepper in its natural environment!!! LOL!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some videos!

Spur has been really rockin' his DW lately. Taking out hits and it just keeps getting better and better. He likes the rubber DW, that is for sure. I also loaded a new app called SuperSlo and I can slow down just parts of the video. Really cool!!

We are working on "come to hand". So, he is NOT to take the tunnel opening staring him in the face, he is to take the far opening. Very hard for him, but what a great exercise!!! These are traps that will get us at trials.

We are also working on independent weaves, meaning he must continue the whole way and I hang back. Fun little exercise!!! Plus a little from our last trial! WE got a gamble! NOT our best game, but we nailed it. OK, so it was easy peasy, but still many dogs didn't get it. They took the layered jump or missed the a-frame. We didn't win any money, that's not the same kind of gamble. Yeah, OK, we "got" it, but ..............huh..............OK, so I have no idea why they call it a gamble. What are we gambling?