Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bim tricks 13 weeks old

You can tell, sits and downs are not our favorite. In fact, we haven't practiced them since last week. We like active tricks instead! :D

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Brill Bim!!

That's what they say in the UK. Brill. I am assuming that is short for brilliant? Bim is BRILL!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brilliant puppy!!

I'll try to post video later, but OMG he already knows so many things!!!! Wave, both arms, spin on a perch both directions on verbals, sit, down, stay, nose touch!!!! Brilliant!! he can't wait to train and is SO good and toy motivated!!!

Took him to he park yesterday and he met many families and saw many different things!', he's pretty unflappable, but not without caution, good boy!!! 

My only complaint is I wish Spur would play with him. He's stuck here with no one but Us Humans to play with. I watch his siblings on Facebook playing with their new housemates and I am envious. Sigh......maybe in time?

Look, his head is the same size as Spurs!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Puppy has arrived!!!!

OK, so it's been a week already, but damn a lot happened in one week!!!!

OK, first thing was naming him.......we decided on Bim, short for Bimini. Kennel name Basileas In Motion. Rich calls him Bimini Cricket!!! We ADORE him!!!!! he is the most perfect puppy!!! Almost housebroken, good with he other dogs - Spur doesn't really like him much. He is super sweet and cuddly, we just can't believe how good he is. Sleeps in his crate all night!! Perfect!

So, Monday evening on our walk he does zoomies through the tall grass and pokes his eye with a stiff blade of grass. It lodges in his cornea!!!!! We head to the ER who sends us to another ER where they take a photo to send to the ophthalmologist. HUH????? Why the first ER vet couldn't do that is beyond me!!!! Slightly....OK quite pissed about that. The ophthalmologist says it would be best to wait the night with antibiotic drops and return in the morning for a $2-3000 surgery. HUH???? First, I sure would like to see that vet manual saying its best to wait a night before removing a foreign body????? WTF!!!!!

Well, that's what we have to do, but we go the next morning to a local ophthalmologist and she uses sedation and removes it!!! Geesus, that should have been done the night before. Now he might possibly have a permanent scar!!! Won't affect his vision much, but damn am I pissed!!! If you don't want to handle emergencies just don't answer the phone!!!! Asshole vet!!!!

he is still getting drops and we will see, maybe it will eventually clear up as he ages.

Here are a few photos......

He's freakin' adorable!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️����������

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Two more weeks!!!

It's going to kill me!!! OK, maybe that's a little dramatic, but......

New puppy photos......

So, we are struggling to come up with a name. So far we have.....
Flip and Jam
And just in.....Percy, from the Thomas The Train story. I like Percy, nick names Perc, The Percolator!!! Perky!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

I ran a MinPin!

My friend Sue was injured and asked me to run her Zeus Almighty!! He's SO cool!! She rescued him a few years ago and he is a SPIT FIRE! She made it to invitationals with him, but noticed him knocking some jumps and misjudging things. He developed a very quick cataract in one eye. She raised enough money to get the surgery done, on both eyes and he is back as good as ever I think!!! He's a blast and we had so much fun!!! I have some more runs, but I need to get them all loaded and edited.

For now, enjoy............an NQ as he popped a weave, but otherwise pretty nice run. I could have shaved a few seconds off had I handled it a little better, but we still had a great time!!!