Friday, July 30, 2010

More photos from camp last weekend!!

This is the little boat we were able to take out and tour the lake. The dogs came along, too!This is the tiny private beach!!!! Did I tell you how deliriously happy Colby was? She was........deliriously happy! There were no frogs that we saw, but that didn't stop her from hunting. She hunting the whole time!!!! She worked that shore line relentlessly, deliriously.Right in front of the camp!!! The water was 72! It was SO nice there! The huge screened in porch was a plus, too!!Whoops, this is upside down. We saw these flowers everywhere!These grew in the marshy areas and stream beds everywhere!

The loon family we watched all day on Sunday. They fed their two babies right there in front of camp! Damn, they are big, loud birds!
The loons swam around the blow up trampoline/floating "dock" thingy they had in front of the camp. Talk about FUN!
We took a hike the first day, it was cloudy and "cool". Can you believe I have a sweatshirt on? It felt SO good! This was a rocky area where the dogs could actually swim. Colby loved exploring the shore line. Spur swam after sticks. We are not good at self portraits, especially on a cloudy day. :O
Roscoe had to check out the buffet table......... Of course he did!This "castle" appeared along the shore line when we were out touring. WHAT??? Seriously strange! This was at the far end of the lake. WAY out there!!A shot from across the lake. Nice, but I sure like fields...........
It was lovely, but I don't know if I would ever want to own such a place. SO remote, so far out there. The drive was under 2 hours, but it is pretty remote. GREAT fun to borrow for a weekend, though! When we hiked we saw disturbing signs........."Bear hunting with bait or dogs by permission only". Geez! They didn't tell us to be mindful of bear, but after reading the signs I was sure watchful and a little concerned. Our tiny dogs might make a nice snack! :O It sure was OUT IN THE WOODS and I am sure a great place for bear.

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