Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You know, I start to squeek and my voice gets higher and more frantic!

Why? Well, yesterday we worked on running dog walks, again. Roscoe, he gets it. Yes, he might jump on occasion when he's really high and running as fast as his little stick legs can move. But, he gets it. No reward for the jump = try again really hard and run the contact. Got it MA!!! Cookies all around, I got it!!!

Spur, not so much. Just when I say something after the last session that went like this....."Hey Rich! I think Spur is finally getting it!!" and then quietly I say also to Rich......"Hmmm, I have said that before haven't I?".......to which Rich quietly mumbles......."hmmm, uh huh".

Yesterday 10 tries - 10 successes. And pretty fast. YAY! 100% success rate!!!! I am all like what a great trainer I am and I even posted my videos on the internet and wow, how cool, great trainer, great dogs, wicked awesome running contacts. YEAH!! We GOT IT GOIN' ON!!

Today - not so much. Like three jumps in a row with Rich watching. He comments about strides and adjustments and speed. Yeah, whatever.................it's basically my crappy training that has prevented the buggar from connecting the dots on the dog walk. Dots connected = HIT THE CONTACT as you run real fast over it. It's THREE FEET LONG!!! Connect the dots, little dude!! OK, I try again and he hits it, lots of cookies, but I am deflated. He knows it, he feels it. I am a crappy trainer.

I'll watch my internet videos over and over and hope that I inflate again. It's how this goes.

I know it's a process. I infate, I deflate. The world goes round and round. Spur wins his PGP and PSJ and then barely manages to hold it together for team. The world goes round and round.

Maybe I will watch my videos again.

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