Monday, October 18, 2010

Danger, danger!!!!

This morning on our walk the dogs knew someone had been there. They air scented and gathered around a clump of grass, all marking it simultaneously. We came across the BIGGEST poo!! Full of corn and hair. I'll bring my camera this afternoon and try to get a photo of it if the birds haven't picked through it. Nothing like recycled corn. Easier than picking it off the cobs, I suppose. The dogs all peed on it. I haven't seen our old Zeus kitty this morning.

This was taken last year, but I bet the poo came from someone similar. -

That fence line is about 4 feet tall. It may be why we haven't seen many of these this year -The construction across the street has devastated some of the deer and coyote grounds. Very sad. Rich flew over it yesterday and said it is disgusting and horrible to see from the sky.

We kept the little dogs really close on our walk this morning.

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