Monday, October 11, 2010

More hiking photos!!

This is shell pond!! It has a lovely loop hike around it that is almost four miles. We did that after coming down from Blueberry ridge. It had lovely streams coming into it!

There were very cool lichens growing on the trees! Like stacks of pancakes!

The dogs had to pose, of course, at a rest stop!

This grove was the trail head as we entered the shell pond loop. Oh My God, it was the prettiest place, EVER!!!! The people who live at StoneHouse Rd. property maintain these fields and groves so well. It is SO lovely!! They are so nice to let the public on this property!!!! Although, we got such an early start and were the first car there and saw no one until we were almost back. Then there were about 10 cars.

The winding stream, we think is part of the stream that was rattlesnake pool up on the ridge. Just an out of this world beautiful spot!!! On a hot summer day what a great spot for the dogs to take a dip!!! The stream was so clear and pretty with the rocks and colored leaves!!! SO pretty!!!!
The Stonehouse. Thank you Stonehouse people!!!!! We LOVE your property!!!!!

This photo is so small, but if you look REALLY closely Spur is walking at the bottom of the photo in the shade (you may be able to click on the photo and have it come up larger?). The dogs were having a ball catching grasshoppers. The field was BUZZING with grasshoppers!!

Spur had to do zoomies around the field. I think it was stress relief after coming off the ridge. The ridge was awesome, but the winds that day were INCREDIBLE and made it a little scary at times. We were very glad to be off the ridge when some of the gusts came up. It was the only damper on the day. The very high winds!!! The field was a lovely respite from the woods and he had a great time zooming around. Colby was far too busy catching grasshoppers.There is something so clear and blue about the fall sky!

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