Saturday, October 23, 2010

Freakin' freaky fast!!

This is my idol! This dog runs her contact like no other! And what's really cool, this dog just went through chemo for lymphosarcoma!! She ROCKS!!! This is Dylan, Angie Benaquisto's Rat Terrier. I mean, seriously Muffin Heads, check this out!!! -

I finally figured out how to crop and blend videos!! Now I just need to figure out how to put them in slow motion.

Here is my first editing attempt. Spur's running contacts from late spring at a friend's yard. -

Here is my next attempt. Spur's running contact work from early spring in my yard. I tried to put an annotation where there was a jump and it didn't come through? He jumps one time at second 4 -

This one is from today. He jumps at second 12 -

We changed one thing since the work in the spring. I bought another strike plate so the beeps occur in a greater area. We had some set backs for a while when he starting having good hits, but not hitting the 10x12" single plate. I would love him to hit middle contact, but he most often at speed hits higher up, so I put the two plates on the upper 2/3rds of the contact zone.

We are at about 80% good hits right now. I sure would like a better ratio, but it is the hardest thing I have ever had to train, so I am feeling OK about 80% right now. We have had so many set backs. Major teeter issues that transfered to the dog walk and set us back a LOT. My inability to SEE when he had good hits, so rewards were not always great. The addition of the second strike plate is a big help, I think. And I do think he is slowly having a better understanding of his job. He is a slow learner since so often he is worried, so I think this has taken longer than it should with most dogs? I don't know, but we sure have been at this a long time. I do this work with him daily, now that the weather is good. About 8 repetitions. Summer was WAY too hot, so we didn't hardly do anything contact work and he had a break from it. He seems to enjoy doing it, so that's good!

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