Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corn poo photo and the old man is still here! And read to the end, I put a video that's amazing on here!!!

That would be Roscoe's ear. He's sniffing the corn poo. See the hair? It must be coyote poo! ENORMOUS coyote poo!
Here is a better perspective. Roscoe standing near it! Yikes! That's a BIG poo!! Like Kielbasa size poo!! Do they make corn Kielbasa? -

Rest easy, though, the old man Zeus is still with us. I need to update a photo of him. He's really looking old, but his three pills are helping him hang in there and I really think he's doing pretty well. He must be on his ninth life!
This shot is from gathering the horses from the back pasture. Notice which dog is on a leash?? The Pin Heads have no interest in herding.......er.....chasing the horses. The "herding" dog? He is leashed.

Not sure why I liked this photo so much. The clear blue sky didn't really show, but I liked the "layer". The green grass, the dried grass, the trees. -
We are still working on those super fast recalls, hoping to get Spur to be FIRST to get to me. He's getting better. More confident. See? He's neck and neck with Roscoe!! He can totally out run Colby, but he lets her win. He used to always let Roscoe win, too, he would be last to arrive. Not so much any more. He beats Roscoe more and more. All this stuff with Spur is slow to come along. He's WAY faster than Roscoe, but that social intimidation has been tough to work through. When it's just Spur by himself, he's super fast. With the others, he worries.

We keep plugging along!!! I need to get some new videos of his teeter work. We are back to doing some crazy bang it games. I nailed two old license plates to the ends, so when it hits it BANGS and rattles!! I have a cookie sheet on the ground, so the metal to metal bangs, then the recoil also rattles because the license plates are not nailed tight.

OK, here's the video. Titled "Heartbreaking Ending". OMG, this is amazing!!! With dogs, anything can happen!!! -

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