Saturday, October 9, 2010

We did it, we did it, we DID IT!

We made it back to the Blueberry ridge hike again!! This time checked out "Rattlesnake pool" and did the Shell Pond loop. OH. MY. GOD. it was -

SPECTACULAR!! STUPENDOUS!!! INCREDIBLE!!! FABULOUS!!! The best hike I have ever done!!!! I mean that, too! The Stone House property is amazing!!!! Simply breathtaking!!!!

I am slightly chilled, though, the wind was blowing about 35 at times!!! We were lucky to get there early and get off the ridge before those gusts arrived! The Pin Heads wore their winter hiking gear. I didn't. I didn't think I needed it. I did! I was just a wee bit cold. Looking forward to a very hot shower! But, can I tell you how FREAKIN' awesome this hike is??? FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! (photos tomorrow, I promise - now? Hot shower)

And to all you we passed, and watched from our window seat for our quick lunch at the Fryeburg Pizza Place,......... power to you for waiting that long to get into the fair. Um..............LOSERS!!!! GOOD GRIEF, the line of cars went about 3 miles outside of town. And they were not moving very fast. We are thinking you may have sat in traffic waiting in that long line of cars for..... hours? Was it worth it? Did you get enough cotton candy and cow shit? ME? NO FREAKIN' WAY! No fried dough, no cute special breed of bunny, no strange colored caramel apple, no 3000lb bull would be worth that traffic jam. Oh MY!!!! Ain't worth it. I haven't been the fair in years. Hiking today.......SO worth it!! But, we didn't have traffic on our route.

We never hit any traffic. On our way up we went through Bridgeton and there was what I might call normal summer traffic, then we made it to route 113 without any issue at all. In fact, it didn't take any longer than we thought. The ride back, going through Fryeburg, was totally fine because we were heading out. And smirking and feeling sort of bad for all those folks waiting in the long line of cars. LOSERS!!!!!

All you fair goers..........WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WORTH THAT??????

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