Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall, it makes me smile!

Colby is happy, she finds great big green grasshoppers to hunt and eat!! -

The ducks make us smile as they munch on something under the water. - And then there is poo. OK, so that doesn't make me smile. This is coyote scat after about three weeks. The rain washed away everything except for the hair? Oh MY! -

Roscoe, he has to mark it every time we pass it. It is right in the middle of the farm road.It was a busy week. VERY busy. One day I walked like 11 dogs! OK, some visits had two dogs, but still that was a lot of dog walks. My phone/email has been "off the hook" busy with calls coming in. I am very pleased and very lucky to be so busy and have business coming in right now.

The weather is GREAT for doing running dog walk work. So, every afternoon I run. And RUN and RUN and RUN. I really need to get back to my jogging, I get so out of breath sprinting a few running contacts. Poor Spur does SO well and then I have to stop and gasp for breath. Damn! When I think I am in good shape, reality sets in. But, the sprinting is good exercise and better than nothing. And I think Spur is starting to get it better. It is SUCH a long process. Of course, because I let him jump it so much when he was younger, just trying to get speed and confidence that is hurting us now. It may always hurt us. I just didn't know what else to do with him when he was in that state at the beginning. If you watched any of his old videos, struggling to even trot around the agility course, you know he was not easy to deal with. Now? We are practicing back crosses!!! It's awesome, he's doing SO well. I would like his dog walk to be faster, but I do think he is starting to understand his job and that's a good thing. And even though he isn't running full speed, it is faster than some people's stopped contacts, so that's cool. I settle for what I have and am happy for that! I think the speed will come. I know he can do it. I really do know that!!!

Today I will try to get photos maybe videos of his teeter work. Yesterday he ran to his teeter as we headed out for our walk (I didn't ask for it!!) and slid right off it because it was covered with frost. :O Oh, damn, I thought that might scare him, but NOPE, he jumped right back on and did a bang it game!!!! YAY!!!!

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