Monday, October 25, 2010

Faster, faster, faster!!

OK, so this little video is from yesterday. Our last "horrah" agility training outdoors in Buxton. I tried to get a friend to video Roscoe's running contacts. I have been working hard to get him faster. He was a 2o2o for years, until his dog walk just kept getting slower and slower and sloooooowwwwwwweeeeeeerrrrrr. I went to a running and in NO time he got it. He was THRILLED!!!! For whatever reason, stride? Body length? Speed? He got it easily. Yes, he CAN jump it and does on occasion, but amazingly he has never missed on in competition.

Unfortunately, she didn't set up that well for seeing the contact, but he nailed it every time and I think his speed is improving. He is certainly faster than Spur on this day, but Spur had just had a wee melt down. When I ran Spur I stumbled over a number cone and kicked it while he was running beside me. OH, dear........he started to wring his tiny paws. But, he recovered OK and in this video you see one of his contacts. It started to drizzle, so these are all I got from the day because I put away my camera.

Good little Roscoe does look to be picking up his speed, though, which is making me happy. He is NOT an athletic dog, his jumping style is poor, he isn't fast by nature, he just isn't. But, the little buggar has heart!! So, one place I think I can get more speed on course with him is his dog walk. So, I am pushing for it lately in training and I think it's working. He looks faster, doesn't he?.............

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