Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silly ducks!

The wildlife is so active right now. Fattening up for winter. Yesterday I did a home check for Blind Dog Rescue. A National group who had no one in this area to check out this home. Lovely retired couple with the most adorable little chi mix, Hattie Mae. They felt they had room for another dog, but didn't want another high energy one like Hattie. So, they "fell in love" with a dog on the internet. Just amazing process! This organization has a group of pilots that fly the dogs around. This dog came from IL!!! Flew here on Sunday. I went over to check things out and finalize the contract. Sweet little blind shih tzu. He seems to be adjusting just fine. He was found originally in TN tied outside, matted, starving, the people had abandoned him when they move. Poor little thing!

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