Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm just a little nervous!

Tomorrow is Spur's first Team Tournament event. Which means another team is counting on us to run as best we can. I feel pretty confident we can do this! We are still working out our routine, but he had many Q's last weekend with several first places, so he's on a pretty good roll! I have been working hard on his contacts and seeing a wee light bulb go off with him. I think he is finally understanding his job. Will he implement it in the heat of competition? I think our chances are 60/40 at this point. Maybe more. He is green, there is no doubt, but he is also trying SO hard to be right. He wants to be right more than anything.

Report to follow on Sunday. Off to bed so we can get an early start. This is a very small trial, so they moved it all to one day. That's just fine with me, but my poor team mate is running in TWO teams, so she could potentially have 16 runs!! :O Yikes!

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