Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today it all starts!!

The official start of the "Cynosport World Games" in Louisville KY is today!!! This is the USA's premier dog event of the year. More dogs in one place than any other event, ever!!! It's HUGE!!!! It used to take place in AZ and all I heard about was how HOT it was. Enough folks complained, I guess, so they changed it to Louisville KY. That made it a drive-able event for many of my friends up here in New England!!!!

Many of my friends are there! Us home bodies are following them on facebook. We get updates, often. Like what time they get up in the morning and what kind of cover they put on the hotel bed. We get photos of their dogs on the beds. We get updates on where they eat, if they got a speeding ticket getting there, if the room was bed bug free. What route they took. All important things. I am envious. Wish I was there. It's kind of a lot $$$$. I will read updates on facebook and watch the live feed videos all week/weekend, if I can. And send good wishes to all my friends competing!!

Here is the schedule!! LOTS of stuff going on! -


Tonight some of them are going to a special event at Churchill Downs. How cool!!!! It all sounds so fun and so interesting and I will live vicariously through them. My friends. My agility competitor friends. Maybe next year? Maybe little Spur will get to go next year? One of my friends put away $20 each week to safe for her trip. OK, finding a nice envelope to do just that. Will I save it? Will I dip into it and spend it on fancy shoes and pedicures, or will I save it for next year? Do I even really want to go? Is it THAT much fun? Some say it is even if you dog isn't that competitive. It's just so fun to have THAT much dog stuff going on around you.

OK, that sounds pretty fun!!! Read the schedule. It does sound fun!!!

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