Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE fall???

The cows have sex. Sorry, I didn't think it was appropriate to post his "lipstick", so this is foreplay. Those "bully sticks" are icky looking anyway. Did you really want cow porn on here? Naw, trust me you don't. -
I think the colors are fantastic!!! -

The geese arrive and fatten up on the tilled in corn. They gather. -

The ferns turn a golden, greenish, yellow and wither away -

Spur races along the woods road, chasing active chippies and squirrels busy stocking up for winter. -

The leaves are SO pretty. OK, so in auto mode my camera focuses on the tree. Still, it's kind of cool, really. Robert Vavra made famous horse photos where everything but the horses was blurry. Roscoe wants his chaise cushion back to sunbathe. Sorry, Muffin, it got wet in the morning dew. He backs up to the steps and sits on the warm flag stones. -

The hydrangeas turn a lovely shade of pink and engross my fence!! Trimming that bush is always a major fall project. Might not get done. -

I leave the dried sunflowers for the birds.
I have been working on sit-stays and really fast releases. Spur has always been last to get to me and it's all about his worry. He doesn't want to push the Pin Heads our of line. He knows he is low on the totem pole of dog authority in the pack. I want him FIRST. I want him to try to be first in line. It happens, on occasion and more and more lately, but it's rare. -

We will keep at it!!!

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