Friday, October 29, 2010

More teeter work!

So, last year I spend many hours driving to friend's yards to work on Spur's teeter issues. It took a village to conquer his teeter fears and it worked pretty well. But, as I know these little paw wringers never forget. Yet, what do I do, dumb ass I am? I let it go, not doing much maintenance, working more on his running dog walk and jumps because his teeter was so good. Then we did the indoor on rubber trial. BANG! The teeter issues came up again. It had been coming at some of the outdoor trials, too. Like the one gamble class I decide to do the teeter TWICE in the opening. WTF was I thinking???

So, now that the weather is good for lots of training I am doing a TON of running contacts because........well.......loser I am I let him jump it SO much as a youngster I have all that to "undo". We are getting there, but damn it is slow. I decided I better get that teeter work going again, too.

I brought out his "bang it" game again. Haven't done that since the "crash", so I was nervous about it. Plus, my teeter REALLY needs to be replaced, the grit is nearly gone so it is kind of slippery, and the ends are rotting, but it's what I have for now and it's usable. Come winter I will take it apart and make a new plank for it.

Spur is doing GREAT with his bang it game!!! He is still a wee bit worried, but he seems to be enjoying the game!! You judge -

I am not worried about his release. He is unlikely to come off too early in a trial and when I did start working on a hold and release he started to worry, so I let it go. I want his teeter to be easy and uncomplicated. I think he will be fine!

We are off today for Y-Agility in CT. Indoors on dirt. Roscoe should LOVE it!!! Spur, who knows. He hasn't seen dirt footing in a while and has never competed in a horse barn before, so it could go either way, as always.

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