Friday, October 15, 2010

Since it's POURING rain, a major "NorEasta", I'm glued to my computer.

However, I am NOT watching the live feed from the USDAA Nationals as I had planned!!! They have had "technical difficulties" and the site and live feed are down. Waaaaaaaaa!!!!! They were down all day yesterday and we can only hope they will have it back up for tonight's runs. It's SO frustrating!!! It's like a Black Out for us at home wanting to watch!!! It just shows us that computers are vulnerable and we can't count on them like we would like. Although, it is especially frustrating that another group can DO this sort of thing without issue, they just did it of the World Championships a few weeks ago. A live feed from Europe that went very well, but NO can USDAA figure it out???? Nope. I am not one to be critical of computer technicals. I am a LOSER at that!!! But, still they did promise us? Am I whining?? YES!!! Whine, whine, whine!!!!

It's pouring rain, a real No'Easter and what else would I do? OK, so I can do my newsletter. Oh boy, how fun! I get to do that instead of watch my friends run at the Nationals. Yipeeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh boy!! First I have a few walks to do today and a couple kitty visits. I am very glad for my rain gear!

Now, I really can't complain about our weather, however. It has been the LOVELIEST fall so far! Just PERFECT dog walking weather. Yesterday's first walk was with Kojak, the best dog in the world, and we met up with my friend Marty and her Landseer (black and white Newfoundland), HunkiDori. Dori and Kojak were FAST friends, flirting and wanting to play. It was SO cute!!! Kojak is a grade 3 Mast Cell cancer survivor and nearly 14 years old!! He acts like a puppy sometimes!! Dori thought he was handsome. He thought she was to DIE for!!! What a great morning! Yesterday.

This is George and Spur racing for their recall cookies on Tuesday's afternoon farm walk. I just LOVE the fall light.

This morning, not so nice. Pouring rain. My dogs put on the breaks SO fast when we opened the door. I am VERY thankful I have a lean-to on the back of the barn. We headed out there and they did their business under cover. :D I just had to remind them, as they were distracted finding left over little bits of horse shit to munch on. :P Any tiny tidbit with do, you know.

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