Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hiking photos!

Huh, seems I loaded these photos backwards. It's just too hard to move them around, so this photo "story" isn't in order. This first photo is on our way down and I stopped in a sun spot to warm up while Rich went to photograph the gorge. I didn't want the dogs anywhere near the gorge. Last time it came upon us SO quickly and the edge is SCARY!!! Like 30 feet drop straight down!!
I was a little cold so that little spot of warm sun felt GOOD. You don't work as hard going down, so I wasn't warmed up that well. And I hadn't expected it to be so cold. The winds made the chill really sharp. My light black shell just wasn't enough and I left my gloves at home, dumb ass I am.
This sign shows the way to the rattlesnake pool and the gorge. We did go check out the rattlesnake pool.

It was pretty cool, would have been REALLY nice had it been a hot summer day. The pool was really deep, crystal clear and I imagine on a hot summer day a wonderful rest stop for a dip!!! Just lovely, but this day it just looked COLD!
The colors of the leaves and rocks were so pretty. This shot is from above the pool....

I love how this photo looks like we are heading out of the dark and into the sun. My hands are shoved deep into my pockets.

Me and my three little black dogs -
Rich kept saying he didn't think the colors were as vibrant this year. Huh? Seemed BRILLIANT to me. This shows shell pond. Once we got down we did the loop around that pond, almost a 4 mile loop that was LOVELY!!!! -

On the way up. I was warmer then.

The photos just don't show the incredible stone steps that well. I mean, seriously muffin heads, this took a LOT of work to make!!! -
These next two photos just crack me up! I guess me and Spur have little discussions fairly often. I can't remember what we were talking about. He is so engaging!!! -
More tomorrow. Off to start my day. A home visit for blind dog rescue at 10:00, then ride my sweet little pony. Wash windows, move the lawn, do some gardening. I wonder how much of that I'll get done? Right now, another cup of coffee and the paper will do just fine.

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