Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall, I just LOVE it!!

This day the light was diffuse. Not the bright, brilliant light fall can bring, but the colors are none the less intense, I think. The dogs seem to just pop out of the dry, soon to be dormant grass. Their black coats shiny and dark.
It's romantic and soothing and I just love fall. Am I waxing poetic and sounding all sappy and stupid? OK, so it's just that it is my favorite time of year. Hot summer sun, not my favorite thing. I am not good at hot summer sun. Like home made apple pies. I bought a frozen shell. Cool, brisk fall weather! I am good at that. I like walking for miles and miles every day with dogs I love when it is cool and brisk. Walking farm fields and wooded areas, cow pastures and horse pastures. I am good at that. Some people design computer programs and email blasts and make a shoe that is comfortable. Some people have these skills. Some make home made apple pie! Me, I walk dogs in fields and buy frozen pie shells and am glad someone designs a comfortable shoe.
The big guy is back to service the cows. He's big. We are glad the fence is between us. He looks harmless. He looks BIG.
The girls had to come see the new addition.
Then everyone had to come see the girls.

Then they went back to their grazing, separately.

(If I knew photoshop I would get that fence line out of there!!!)
These are his offspring born this year. They get to live another year. Their mamas get to live another year, because these two were born. Production. It's all about production.

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