Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am trying to be creative!!

Spur had a melt down at the last indoor trial on rubber mats. He could hear every little thing and the noises were amplified because of the rubber and the trial being SO small. So, I decided I had to make my teeter noisier. Nailed old license plates to each end. Then I have a cookie sheet on the ground where the end lands, so the metal to metal makes a good bang!! Then as the teeter recoils back up the license plates rattle. I didn't nail them in snug, so they bang around as it hits and returns. It DEFINITELY makes it louder!!! Of course, he will soon get so used to THAT particular sound and each one has a different sound, but by making my one at home as loud as possible I think that should help.
Do you suppose it is a bad thing the license plate has devil numbers on it? :O Someone mentioned they I never had Rich in any of my photos. That's not entirely true. He is in the hiking photos!!
But anyway here he is agin, working piling up our wood!! Most of this is poplar felled during some of those crazy storms we had. It's all good, though, good for next year's wood!!! Feels good to have that there, ready for next year! :D Such a fall work thing to do. Pile up the wood!

And just because........more poo. Remember the corn poo? Well, it's been rained on, stepped on by the horses, but it persists and is still there right on our path every day to see. Someone ELSE pooped on top of it!! Probably fox? So, this poo just piles up and is becoming a station. The dogs pee on it, other animals poop on it. It's a station. A shit station!!!

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  1. Gresat idea on making your teeter noisier.I am looking forward to hearing about Spurs progress!