Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow, he got metal!

I had to go look up what it means. It means he has 15 standard legs. Not sure what the letters would be to tag on behind his name. Sometimes I get emails from people who list their dog's titles. It goes on for like two paragraphs? They have titles in rally, obedience, agility, tracking, field trials, weight pull, dock diving, lure coursing and on and on.

Roscoe, I am not even sure how I would "letter" him.

P-ADCH Roscoe CD (amazing, he didn't bite the judge for stand-for-exam!!), MX MXJ, RX, FN, CGC (THAT'S funny!!), LAA - Bronze

I think that's it. ??? And I am not sure this "metal" would be listed as LAA - Bronze. Not sure how one would list a bronze performance dog?

I am pretty proud of him, regardless of how few letters follow his name. He is the most accomplished/titled MinPin in USDAA agility at the moment, I am pretty sure. There are a couple with some nice accomplishments, but as many as Roscoe. And he has been a top ten agility AKC MinPin for the past three years. That's pretty cool, too! For a dog who isn't exactly athletic!! LOL!! But, he has heart. He tries. He works for me.

What am I most proud of? That CD. That was SO hard for us. Competition obedience is HARD. Especially for a dog who bites. That he managed to deal with the stand-for-exam and the sits and downs with a group of strange dogs is pretty amazing.

I am pretty proud of this Bronze title, too. It was a surprise. I don't keep track of his Q's very well. Although, I did just check how many double Q's he has in AKC and he has 14, so we need 6 more for his MACH. We are behind on that because I jumped him at 8 inches in preferred for years trying to get him comfortable in the ring. Agility was a tough venue for him being dog-dog aggressive. But, it was also the best thing I ever did. He is now hardly a concern with other dogs. It's just awesome!! Of course, his happy pills have something to do with it, but not all!!!

Roscoe - good little Bronze dog! YAY for Roscoe!!!