Sunday, January 23, 2011

He looks so Angelic!

When he's sleeping.

Yesterday was cold, but Colby, Spur and I managed to head out for a snow shoe. I put her booties on. She did great, she handles the booties really well and runs and manages dealing with them great!! Roscoe? He stayed home by the woodstove and snoozed in his sun spots. It's just not worth it. Autistic boy he is HATES his feet touched, so putting booties on him is just not worth it. He is going to be out of shape soon, sigh.......
Poor Colby. She refuses to stay on the snow mobile path, cuz.......well.......there are rodents under that snow and jobs to be done, ya know! I haven't figured out how to prevent snow from gathering at the top of the booties. It then melts from the warmth of her legs and forms little ice balls. Poor thing, they hurt!!! I scoop them out as best I can, but then she heads off into the deep snow again. Sigh...........

At least, she was able to get some good exercise and her feet didn't totally freeze up. Today? It may be too cold, period.

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