Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It really IS good to have low expectations!

You know, like expecting me not to be the hoarder I really am. Those kind of expectations. Holly Hoarder. Has a nice ring! Until I can barely shove any more clothes into my closet. I looked at my closet the other day and wondered about those shoes? Someone gave them to me a long time ago. They fit, but really they are not ME and it's been years they have sat there. That was a LONG time ago, years. Holly Hoarder. They MUST go. Tomorrow.......

What is it about hoarding? It's easy. Why give away something perfectly good? Well, because the person you give it to might actually USE it! OH, I get it!! Holly Hoarder. I did watch that show one time. It did freak me out. Something about January and cold and winter makes me want to purge. Purge my closets. Purge my drawers. OK, so a few of my coats made it to my truck. And that's where they sit, Holly Hoarder. Tomorrow.

Oh dear, where was I? Low expectations!!! YES!!! I decided last year my failure to continue on the treadmill had to do with too HIGH expectations. I was consistently running three miles several times/week. Then the cold came. I quit. I tried the treadmill. I could barely do a mile and got discouraged and quit. This year........I am trying a different tact. LOW expectations. Instead of trying to run three miles, I will settle for one. One lowly, lame ole mile. Today, I looked at the number on the indicator and I had gone 1.3 miles!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! See!! Low expectations and I am PUMPED!!! So, what's wrong with that? I did over a mile on the treadmill today. And I was pleased. Pleased enough that I think I could probably do it again tomorrow!!! Low expectations.

Now if I can just find the time to deal with my hoarding issue. Tomorrow........I will start to toss out or give away a few items/week. I won't tackle a whole closet. Just a few things. And I will stop using the excuse that I don't have time to get to the swap shop or Goodwill. I will do it. Tomorrow........Holly Hoarder.

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