Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 20-10, Hello 20-11

Not sure I have ever actually called it 20-10 and I am pretty sure I won't be calling it 20-11, but it looks good. It's like those folks who tell you their phone numbers...........799-19-50. I suppose if my phone number was nineteen and fifty I might say that? Nah.

Today is 1111. 1-1-11. 01-01-2011. My nephew was born on 8888. My grandfather on 121212. That's the coolest one because my nephew was actually born on 080888. Or really 08082008. And my grandfather on 12121912. Have I lost you?

So, what was good about 20-10? Not a whole lot, but some. It was the year Colby started losing her sight. That sucks. It was the year Roscoe got his P-ADCH. That's COOL! It was the year I figured out editing video. That's COOL, or not - because I just spent over an hour editing a video. Damn this old and slow computer. It was the year I felt old and slow. It was too hot and that makes me feel old and slow. I felt old and slow, a lot. It was the year I learned I was parimenopausal. Or is it pre-menopausal? Or just simply starting to get REALLY bitchy. That so very much excites me!! NOT! Although, it seems I am in very good company. Does that make me feel better? Oh sure!!!! NOT.

OK, so there are so many other things to note about 20-10, but I just can't seem to get all philosophical right now. It's just not in me. So, let me go over some of my favorite books for the year, instead, because reading always makes me feel better. Some GREAT reading in 20-10 -
"Wesley The Owl". Still one of my favorites, EVER!
"Cutting for Stone". Maybe one of the best books EVER written? Maybe not.
"The Beautiful Jim Key". Just finished up that one. REALLY awesome.
Those three really stand out. Read them, if you can. GREAT books!

My tough old Zeus kitty has recovered and while, yes, he is a drug addict he is fat and happy and looks GREAT heading into 20-11!! YEAH for the drugs! When I am old and sick and feeling bad, BRING ON THE DRUGS, Muffin Heads!!!!

20-10 seemed to be hard on little Roscoe. Yes he got his P-ADCH, but his aggravation at home has increased some. We have highs and lows and yelling at him and spraying him with water just doesn't ever work. Yet, I keep trying it. I feel like a horrible trainer at times and frustrated and wanting to strangle the little tormentor. Strangling tiny dogs isn't something I want to be known for. We carry on.

Training Spur in 20-10 sure had it's ups and downs. I know the ups are increasing, I just spent over an hour editing a movie, remember? But, we had moments that were so dreadful and discouraging and downtrodden. Times I felt my training was deteriorating and I was sucking into a big, huge, giant toilet. Yet, the little guy manages to recover and somehow at times he make me look good. We carry on. He is such an awesome little guy! Forgiving and sweet and such a pleasure. Love, love, LOVE him.

I have learned I can not leave piles of stuff on the steps, because poor myopic Colby won't see them and stumble and bang her chin on the floor. I learn these things that way, poor, sweet Colby. 20-11 I promise Colby I will be more careful. I will carry her up the stairs every night, so she doesn't have to navigate them blind. I promise.

20-11 has promise. I know it does. I watched Super Nanny fix little, obnoxious children who made me want to strangle them through the TV. If I can be like Super Nanny and find creativity and positive energies I'll be OK. But....well..... not really like a nanny. Using time out circles or listening to screaming all night long so as not to give in, but if I can be creative like SN........

......... then HELLO 20-11!!!

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