Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a SNOW day again!

That just means I head out to walk dogs in the snow! :D OK, maybe a few cancellations will come in this morning, which is fine I suppose unless one wants to pay the bills. I could charge for cancellations, like some dog walkers do, but I have yet to find that necessary. I don't want to be like a big company and have to do that kind of thing. And, no, I don't get to add snow days in June. Nope, I just lose those days $$$$. Sigh........

But, I get to stay home and snuggle by the wood stove longer. And I probably WILL have a few walks to do. Always someone who has to get to work no matter what. Besides, the forecast says it should be over by the evening commute, so many people will make it to work this morning and need me for the doggies today. The BAT does fine, so it's not really an issue for me. And I enjoy the storms. Pretty, different, the dogs usually enjoy it!! My only complaint would be the small little neighborhood roads where people simply go TOO fast and I have to find a driveway to duck into with the dogs I walk. Slow down you rusharounds!!! Life will go on even if you are late to your appointment.
(BAT = Big Ass Truck).

I have the woodstove going for the Pin Heads. They BAKE on the bricks...... This was actually taken during the last storm, but the picture this morning is identical.......... And this is simply a favorite I took one day out walking the dogs. Not sure which dog it belongs to, the little prints all start to look the same. The poor Pin Heads are so stir crazy. We have been doing a lot of trick and obedience training in the house, but they really would like to get out for a run. I should have taken them yesterday, but I thought they would get too cold. Any amount of snow for their tiny paws to sink into makes them very cold. I took Spur. He had a BALL!!! I SO wish I had my camera. We came upon a bunch of little birds munching on seeds from the tall weeds sticking out of the snow. You could see their tiny tracks all around this field area and all around each tall seed headed weed. Spur LOVES to chase birds. These little birds just found him an irritant and circled and circled their little buffet. This went on for about 10 minutes!! It was AWESOME!! I was so glad to have a herding dog right them. He got a GREAT workout, thank you little birdies! Sorry to interrupt your dinner.

Last night at Rally class everyone did an awesome job. Our homework showed! Spur took a little time to warm up. I decided NO leash this night. He is a dog who does not generalize well. What he learns in one setting with, or with leash on, he learns, but put him in a different setting, remove the leash and you might think he was never trained! It's why our running contacts are taking so long to get going. Finding different dog walks to train on isn't easy! Especially in the winter!

There were not many people there last night, so we got a lot of runs and by the last one he was settling in nicely. No leash! I gave a lot of reinforcement. Lots. My dogs are all getting FAT! Not enough exercise and too much food, makes them FAT. Sigh.........time to get to the beach for some GOOD runs. Their meals are all during training time. Meals at the moment consist of green beans and blueberries. Maybe some non-fat yogurt. One thing about doing a lot of training and not enough exercise - fat little doggies! They love it. More FOOD please!!!! Roscoe is happy. Stir crazy, but happy.

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