Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am an idiot!

I wonder if you did a search on this blog for posts with that title you would come up with a whole bunch? Probably. And that's simple, because I AM an idiot! I like to think I am such a know-it-all and have all the answers and am the time. I am bossy and bitchy and arrogant and a self-righteous know-it-all. That's just a fact, Jack! That is until I am an idiot.

Our weekly Tuesday beach walk was MOBBED. OK, so there were about five cars parked at the entrance, several people skating on the marsh, so maybe it wasn't exactly "mobbed". But, more than no cars, so to us that seems mobbed. We like no cars. We like the beach empty, except for us. Why? I have anti-social dogs. I have a dog going blind, who can be bitchy and self-righteous, too. I have.....Roscoe. 'Nuff said. I am anti-social. Think about it. I work........alone. Me and the animals. And we get along just fine. Sometimes I see people and I just put on my self-righteous game face. That's all,................. it's simple.

Yesterday, the beach was mobbed (OK, so there was one lady with a some goldens to the left and one person to the right, that we could see). We scan each direction and decide to head right. A couple dogs pass us as we round the corner, no trouble. I worry. Spur has been a little "self-righteous" lately. OK, a LOT so. He is my social misfit. It seems like it is getting worse. I spend months getting him out by himself, meeting new people. I walked him with Kojak every single morning, meeting other dogs, people, scenery. I took him out and about. We worked hard on it. Making him a social dog. Introducing him to social dogs. Well.........sometimes you can only do what you can do and there are dogs with personalities and Spur's personality is a bit reactive at times. Sigh..........haven't I paid my dues with that with Roscoe??? No? I have more debt to pay?? For being self-righteous and bitchy? I have to deal, A? OK, so I have to deal.

Yesterday I didn't deal very well and a fight broke out. Poor Spur, poor other dog. She was SO freakin' cute we were all just admiring her. She is a cattle dog mix of some sort with a nice young guy. He had been skating around the marsh with her and had chatted with us as we headed in. She was in GREAT shape and well trained. But, Spur took offense to her and I saw it coming. I saw the frozen posture, the hard eyes and tiny lip curl. And what did I do. Stood there like an idiot - the fight broke out. It was so handy she had that harness on, between the nice guy and me we were able to pull her off him. I apologized profusely, saying I totally saw it coming and was horrified I let it happen. I felt bad for her, only 10 months old, having to react like that. She really didn't deserve it. Yes, she is a confident, pushy self-righteous bitch, too, but Spur doesn't need to pick a fight with those types. I could have defused it, stepped in between and stopped his idiotic posturing. The good thing? He wasn't hurt badly. One tiny skin scrape that we couldn't even find until later in the evening. She wasn't hurt at all. And he said she has reacted that way before and once that happens all issues are settled. She and "her best friend" had an initial spat. So, the nice guy has his hand's full, but he obviously has her well trained. He has put her in a down stay as we approached with our pack of wee dogs. Good little girl, she listened at only 10 months with a pack of little dogs coming at her.

She was SO cute!!! -

Spur is saying something self-righteous and bitchy, I am sure -
We carried on, no real harm done. Spur stayed close to me as we passed a couple other dogs. He kept checking in with me. Not sure what he was saying, but he was a bit needy after that. We finally found the rest of the beach to ourselves!! And the coolest pile of rope -
Oi, poor little Spur. I MUST be more pro-active and stop him before he goes off on confident little cattle dog mixes who can easily kick his ass!! She was a good girl. She was fully ready to take him DOWN and had him on his back, grinding into the sand as we pulled her off him. Nice harness!!! He only has one tiny mark. I am sure he is sore, but she didn't sink in. Good girl!

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